Next Generation Technology Fellowship (PhD) - Financial Services

What’s this all about?

We’re looking for talented upcoming or recent PhD graduates to join our new fellowship programme. Our aim is to fast track technically gifted candidates to becoming subject matter experts in fintech and financial services consulting.

Fellows will have a great opportunity to work on our clients’ most interesting business and technology challenges, alongside project teams of other former researchers, as well as colleagues from a wide variety of other backgrounds.

What kind of work will I do?

Actually consultants work on a very wide variety of problems, some of which can be brand new and therefore very hard to specify ahead of time.

However, some of us who previously joined via this programme have worked on projects modelling the finances of commodity exchanges and retail banks; building new apps for high street banks; and prototyping a proof of concept for loan contract exchanges using blockchain technology.

So why me?

Having a PhD can be way more applicable to consulting than you may think. The skills you take for granted like presenting complex ideas to large audiences, finding innovative solutions independently and engaging in discussions with senior researchers set you up for a successful career in consulting.

What are you looking for?

Here’s what we expect from our fellows:

Be able to present complex ideas in simple ways for a variety of audiences
Have confidence in your ideas, but humility about how you conduct yourself
Enjoy problem solving, being innovative and having a flexible working style
Work well with a team but don’t be shy about showing leadership

Academic requirements
Doctorate (e.g. PhD, EngD) preferably in a STEM subject
Undergraduate degree (at least 2:1 or equivalent)
Three A-levels or equivalent

Bonus points:
Knowledge of new technologies being used in finance, e.g. block-chain
Familiarity with machine learning techniques and how they can be applied
Coding experience, particularly in model building, prototyping or app development
Any experience in business, e.g. internships, running your own small business, etc.

100% travel to client site may be required

Professional experience is important. But it’s paramount you share our belief in disruptive innovation that puts clients ahead in a tough market. From Day One, your key skill will be to perceive new and better ways of doing things to give your clients an unfair advantage.
Job reference information
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