Senior iOS Developer (iOS, Developer)

Senior iOS Developer (iOS, Developer)

About Mobula
Mobula is the latest exciting business built by the team behind Grabble, one of the most successful mobile commerce apps in Europe. At Mobula we are building a native commerce platform to deliver the most simple, beautiful and valuable commerce experiences for consumers wherever they are.

About the Senior iOS Developer (iOS, Developer)
Architecting & building a native modular iOS platform to deliver high quality mobile apps as a service

Key responsibilities of the Senior iOS Developer (iOS, Developer):
● Working with product and design teams to build out both internal and client iOS Apps that are beautiful, performant and cleanly written.
● Building re-usable, tested iOS libraries for internal use across projects, allowing for abstraction and cleanly separated functionality.
● Architecting maintainable methods to add functionality to the platform without increasing complexity or compromising on flexibility.
● Ensuring all iOS apps created with the platform run smoothly and bug-free, creating and owning processes to prevent, find and eradicate bugs.
● Working closely with back-end team to ensure all apps we create take full advantage of backend capabilities and vice versa.
● Dealing with technical teams of clients in order to ensure smooth onboarding and on-time delivery of projects
● Maintaining and updating existing internal libraries in order to remain current ensure our products and the apps of our clients continue to uphold our high standards
● Collaborating with your team to decide which products deserve more attention and which products aren't working out

About You
It’s all about attitude for us. Here at Mobula we love dedication, enthusiasm, and innovation. We’re shaking up the mobile industry, and welcome candidates who want to be a part of this ambitious journey. But it’s not just hard work: we also appreciate a bit of quirkiness and fun along the way.

We are looking for Senior iOS Developer (iOS, Developer) with the following experience / skills:
● You must have B.S. or M.S. Computer Science or equivalent experience (self-taught welcome!)
● You must have at least 3+ years of object-oriented software development experience
● You must have used protocol oriented programming in a recent project
● You must have at least 2+ years building complex applications for the iPhone or iPad using Cocoa Touch, both Swift and Objective C
● You must have at least 2 years of iOS development experience building both UIs and Models / Data Layers
● You must be able to methodically gain an understanding of large, complex codebases and have experience debugging within such a project
● You must have demonstrable experience designing clean and maintainable APIs
● You must have a deep understanding of proper use of structs and enums to pass data around
● You must have an understanding of how threading works in iOS projects and be comfortable leveraging multi threading to make performant apps
● You must be able to write unit tests as you go to keep significant test coverage within your projects
● You must have a deep understanding of UIKit, where performance bottlenecks lie and how to solve them in order to make smooth full-frame-rate experiences
● You must have excellent problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills
● (Nice to have) Experience with AsyncDisplayKit is a plus

Preferably, we would also love if you also bring:
● Experience with AsyncDisplayKit

Why work for Mobula?
Why not? Be part of something new!

The Grabble team have already established their influence and ability in the mobile commerce landscape winning numerous awards in tech, the fashion industry, and even the British monarchy. We’ve topped charts, raised millions and had a great time along the way. And all of that was without you - imagine what we can do with you!

Our Mobula platform enables us not only to power mobile commerce for brands and retailers, it also enables us to host hackathons and make our own fun apps to launch in the App stores! Who knows where the journey will take us - but your job is to make sure we make great strides forward and have a great time doing it.

Some perks include (but not limited to):

● Health Insurance
● ‘Flexible’ working hours - Like the gym? Yoga? Don’t like going at the busiest times? That personal development class the other side of London that you’ve been dying to go to? That’s fine, just make your office hours up before or after. If you’re happy, you’re productive and if you’re productive, we’re happy!
● Hankering for a snack? Fully stocked fridge to quench your hunger.
● We all work hard - so it’s good to recharge with a little break. Tea time is 4pm, for 20 minutes, every day, grab a mug, relax, go for a walk, take a breather, come back more productive.
● Awesome East London office 30 seconds from Old Street station complete with in house cafe/bar/event space, and other amazing startups.
● Togetherness - Teams Night in, and Team night out once a month
● Staying late? Deliveroo on us.
● Staying real late? Uber on us.

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