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Home Office Digital designs, builds and develops services for the rest of the department and for government. Our capability is at the core of Home Office transformation and of keeping the UK's streets safe and borders secure.

The Digital team provides the leadership for digital activities in the Home Office. Our role is to enable transformation through improved business efficiency, the elimination of paper from the system and the creation of quality services. We transform interaction with the Home Office through streamlined user journeys.

As a member of Home Office Digital you would have the chance to work on some really important services at the Home Office: things like coming to the UK, staying in the UK or getting faster access to other countries as a British passport holder.

We define a service as a set of transactions, activities or information that share a user need and can take place online and offline.

We are transforming

In government we believe in orienting organisations around end-to-end services that relate to what people actually need to do. Real user needs remain the same, regardless of changes to technology, policy or existing services. You could say it's a more 'future proof' perspective.

We design and iterate services in a way that achieves policy intent and organisational goals as well as to better meet these user needs. And we focus effort on making the building blocks of these services, that make it easier to change quickly and improve.

We'll be hiring for many Digital roles in Home Office Digital soon - this one of the most exciting places in digital to work right now. Keep an eye out for roles being advertised. We'd love you to join us.


The Home Office has some bespoke hubs designed with Digital Technology in mind the description below give san idea of what to expect.

A whole office floor has been put aside to house a development team capable of taking problems and ideas and turning them into solutions, supporting these solutions, and more importantly having the capability to iterate these solutions as the needs of the Home Office change.

Interested in working in our Hub in Sheffield?

Sheffield is a fantastically creative city. Just look at the sheer number of artists who have come from Sheffield. The Arctic Monkeys, Cabaret Voltaire, Craine, Def Leppard, Human League, Heaven 17, Richard Hawley, Tony Christie ...

Best fit for you?

The people we are looking for will have the skills but more importantly they will have the right attitude. People who want to make a difference, want to develop themselves and others, love exploring technology and having fun.

The right attitude is critical to us because we are not just building software solutions we are also nurturing a culture that will help transform how the Home Office operates.