Desktop Support Jobs

Desktop Support Jobs

The IT industry in the UK is set to face a severe shortage of skilled employees over the next 10 years according to research conducted by industry group e-skills. With rapidly increasing importance of technology in business systems, the public and private sectors continue to invest in IT infrastructure, software and computing in the workplace. As a result, an estimated 150,000 new IT professionals will be required each year to meet this growing demand.

About Desktop Support jobs

DESKTOP SUPPORT, or Desktop support jobs, such as desktop support technician, and desktop support specialist roles are frequently and increasingly available as the number of users of technology grows. Being the public face of a company’s IT department, a desktop support technician has a broad knowledge of managing operational systems, configuring and installing equipment.

Desktop support job salaries

The average salaries for Desktop support technician positions are around £23,000 per year in the United Kingdom. Desktop support specialist positions have varying rates of pay depending on seniority, and start from £30,000. A desktop support manager may earn around £40,000.

Companies and Institutions offering desktop support jobs

Dice has numerous clients offering a wide variety of desktop support jobs in energy, healthcare and legal services industries, just to name a few. Desktop support jobs are offered by many of top companies in the United Kingdom such as Bloomberg, Accenture, and the public sector.

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