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The importance of the IT industry has increased dramatically over the last decade in both the private and public sector, due to continuing investment from businesses in communications, technology, internet and business systems. Research by e-skills has concluded that the expansion of the IT industry within the last decade creates 150,000 new IT job vacancies. These IT vacancies are offered from a large range of different sectors including creative industries, food and beverage production, retailing, tourism, pharmaceuticals and defence. As a result company demand for IT professionals has soared.

About IT Vacancies

IT vacancies can differ greatly in their nature from technical roles in hardware or software such as a network engineer through to business oriented roles such as business analyst jobs or IT project management jobs. IT vacancies regularly require experience, and suitable candidates are increasingly difficult to find. The dynamic nature of the industry also makes it challenging for candidates to continue to up-skill, as new products and technologies are constantly replacing older systems. Some of the IT vacancies that are in highest demand in the UK include developers, analysts, project managers, and IT Managers. Dice web site includes IT job vacancies for companies such as American Express and Bloomberg.

Salaries for IT Vacancies in the UK

Salaries vary depending on the specifics of the IT vacancy and range from £20,000 per year for an IT professional starting out in the industry in a permanent role to £35,000 per year for a more experienced professional. Senior IT jobs can pay upwards of £60,000 per year, with Senior Architects earning over £90,000 per year.

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