Oracle Jobs

Oracle jobs

Looking for an Oracle Job means that you will secure an IT career within the biggest Software editor in the world. Oracle is used by every industry, by both small and big businesses, which offer a full range of Oracle jobs, from developer to DBA and business intelligence architect, just to name a few of them.

The increasing significance of technology and communications across all industries is creating a strong demand for IT professionals throughout the UK. The expected shortage of IT qualified staff over the next 10 years will allow IT professionals to advance their careers through exciting and varied positions. Qualifications from backgrounds including engineering and economics compliment IT skills, and will be valuable in meeting future demand.

About Oracle jobs

Oracle is the world’s second largest provider of Enterprise Application software. As more and more organisations look to integrate internal systems, the enterprise software market continues to boom.

Due to the increasing popularity of Oracle as an enterprise application solution in the UK, the number of Oracle jobs available is also on the rise. The types of Oracle jobs on offer include Oracle developer jobs and Oracle DBA jobs to name a few.

Oracle job salaries

The average salary for an Oracle job in The United Kingdom ranges between £29,000 in junior positions, and £100,000 per year for management roles.

Companies and Institutions offering Oracle jobs

Dice site offers a broad range of clients offering Oracle developer and other Oracle jobs. Many of the Oracle positions in The United Kingdom are offered by medium to large companies, with opportunities to work as an Oracle developer, architect or DBA with some of the UK’s largest and most prestigious companies like IBM, and Accenture.

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