Testing Jobs


Testing jobs

Tester jobs are in demand, according to Jobswatch.co.uk and the software testing company, Sogeti. There are a wide variety of testing jobs for which the demand as expressed by the number of jobs available can be seen to have increased since the same time last year. These include software testing jobs, system testing jobs, regression testing jobs and unit testing jobs. The locations for increases in demand are broadly in England, but are highest in areas such as the West Midlands, the South East, London and the South West. There are also increases of demand of certain testing jobs in Scotland and Wales.

Testing salaries

The salaries paid for testing jobs will vary depending on location, experience and the type of testing conducted. The salaries paid range from £32,500 for multivariate testing to £42,000 for unit testing, with testing jobs such as regression testing, compatibility testing and volume testing sitting somewhere in the middle.

Testers: Stand out from the crowd

IT professionals hoping to differentiate themselves and become prime candidates for testing jobs can do this by gaining professional qualifications and memberships to specialist groups and bodies. The Chartered Institute of IT, BCS hosts SIGIST (Specialist Group in Software Testing), the largest specialist group in BCS, running conferences four times a year to provide opportunity for testers to network and gain insight from speakers. Those working in testing jobs can also work towards gaining the ISEB Software Testing at levels of Foundation to Practitioner, advocated by BSC, which aims to improve the quality of deliverables and participants.

Search for testing jobs

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