IT Careers

IT Careers

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IT careers in the UK:

If you’re trying to pursue a career in IT you’ll be pleased to know you’ve chosen a very lucrative path!  Despite the recession and the general decline in the jobs market, IT professionals are still highly sought after in the UK.  E-Skills UK predicts that 150,000 new opportunities for IT professionals are created every year.  This is great news for you and your career!

Average salaries for IT careers:

Those opting for IT careers are usually rewarded very handsomely, though salaries and daily contract rates can vary depending on industry, location, skills and position.

The average starting salary for those just starting their IT careers is around £25,000.  More established senior roles can average over £100,000 and developers can expect to earn an average of £40,000 for C# skills and over £47,000 for Java.

As you’d expect, these competitive salaries make IT careers very attractive; hundreds of applications may be made for just one job.  Therefore it’s necessary to make your CV stand out to recruiters.

How to make sure your CV stands out from the crowd:

First, Check through your spelling, grammar and punctuation thoroughly.  Careless mistakes will make you look unprofessional and under-prepared.  Ask a friend to read over your CV and note any errors that they find.

Additionally, it won’t hurt to add a little flair to your CV; we’re not talking about using Day-Glo orange paper or designing a large bright pink heading, but rather formatting your CV neatly and consistently, and perhaps adding some colourful examples of your work where necessary.

IT careers with Dice:

Kick start your new IT career with the Dice, with IT careers categorised by both skill and location.  You’ll find there are plenty of opportunities for both graduates and professionals!

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