Database Administrator Jobs

Database Administrator Jobs

Ongoing investment into technology and customised systems by industry, commerce, consumers and government is fuelling the rapid growth in the IT sector. Consequently, the IT industry in the UK is expected to face a severe shortage of skilled employees over the next 10 years according to research conducted by industry group e-skills. To overcome this shortage, an estimated 150,000 new IT professionals will be required each year to join the industry. Managing information within a company is one of the most important aspects for developing and improving products and services. Creating efficient and useful databases that allow for the effective capture and storage of information is a vital component of modern business and government.

About Database Administrator jobs

Database Administrator vacancies are increasingly available as the importance of databases grows, making them one of the most common IT jobs. Database administrator roles are vital as information is often the most important asset for a business or government department. In recent times, job opportunities in database analyst, administrator, and other roles have somewhat merged, requiring multiple competencies traditionally part of other IT jobs.

Database Administrator jobs typically involve disaster recovery and back-up testing, and also performance analysis, security administration, data analysis, and installation and configuration of new software and hardware.

Salaries for Database Administrator jobs

For job opportunities such as database analyst jobs, or administrator and engineer roles can pay between £30,000 to £50,000 in the City of London, depending on experience and seniority. More senior database administrator roles can pay over £70,000. These wages are slightly higher than the national average.

Companies and Institutions offering Database Administrator jobs

Dice site has numerous clients offering a wide variety of job opportunities in database analyst, administrator and other roles in the finance and banking sector in the centre of London. Database administrator jobs are offered by many of top companies in City such as Bloomberg, and Vanquis Bank.

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Search for database administrator jobs such as database analyst, administrator and other roles on Dice site to find the latest vacancies for qualified and experienced professionals.

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