What’s the Big Deal with Immutability?

What is Immutability? In Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and Functional Programming(FP) it means an object’s state is immutable, i.e. it can’t be altered. Now this sounds like it’s constant but it’s not. For example strings in C# and Java are immutable. Once you’ve set a string value in a variable then you can’t physically alter the memory that contains the string.

So this piece of C# code will not compile or run because of trying to change one letter in fred.  Read more →

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Programming Challenge – Life

This is the first in a series of hopefully interesting programming challenges. We will be running these over the next few months and anyone can enter any.

I’m not restricting it to any programming languages as I’ll be running them on the excellent open source VirtualBox with Windows 8.1 or Ubuntu Linux (probably 14.04 LTS) but if it’s written in a compiled language, it has to be one of Java, Delphi, Fortran, C# (up to 6.0) or an open source language so I can build the compiler. The intention is that when speed is a factor everything runs on the same hardware.  Read more →

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The 2016 Job Market Report


We surveyed over 1,200 UK tech professionals and 200 recruitment professionals to create a comprehensive Dice Job Market Report containing salary insight, market expectations on future remuneration. mobility, social media and more.

Find out more here

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UK Tech Networking Communities to Join in 2016

Tech Communities

Networking helps you stay on the cutting edge of new tech and business trends, identify the best practices in your field, and learn from industry experts to open up new career opportunities. We have listed some of the top tech communities to join in 2016 to provide that extra career boost:  Read more →

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Top 10 Tech Predictions of 2016


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Pro Blogger Tips to Improve your Online Profile & Attract Employers

Many recruiters now look at candidates’ online social profiles as part of the hiring decision; so by creating a blog dedicated to your expertise and sharing it on your social profiles, you are demonstrating both your passion and knowledge in deserving that great new job!

Here are some tips to make your new blog so amazing that you’ll have enough visitors to become an influencer and have an extra special job offer in 2016:  Read more →

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Advance Your Knowledge with the Most Successful Tech Blogs of 2015


Reading the best tech blogs can be one of the easiest ways to stay on top of the latest innovations and industry news; as well as a way to gain inspiration if you’re interested in blogging as a hobby or useful tool for career advancement. We have rounded up some of the most popular and award-winning blogs of 2015 that have been providing up-to-date news and tech insights on the latest trends and innovations.  Read more →

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2015 Tech Review: The Tops & Flops


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328 Jobs Available from Top 13 Employers of January (It’s Not Too Late to Apply!)

Jan Employers

Some of the UK’s fastest growing tech departments are looking for the perfect start to the year by adding the most promising tech talent to their teams. This time we share 328 jobs, where you can read a brief introduction to each employer and quickly shortlist jobs that fits with your ambition.  Read more →

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Most Disruptive Technologies of 2015

Disruptive technologies are those that truly reinvent the way that business is done in a particular industry; just as cloud computing disrupted the business world and social media disrupted the way that we communicate. In this article, we look at how the major innovations and new technologies of 2015 have had the biggest disruptive impact.



Recent developments within the robotics industry are seeing the production of robots with enhanced senses, dexterity and intelligence that are able to take on roles previously only taken on by humans.

2015 saw the world’s first soft-robotic surgery on a human body; an important innovation that aims to drastically improve future surgical practices. The robot is created from silicon and has the ability to move and elongate in all directions, allowing it to squeeze through narrow openings within the body and past delicate organs whilst also being equipped with fully functioning surgical tools.  Read more →

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