5 Soft Skill Courses to Make You More Popular in the Office

Soft skills tp make you popular in the office

Soft skills are personal characteristics that are useful in building social relationships, which aim to complement quantifiable hard skills such as web design or app development. According to Business Insider, people that choose careers in IT do not typically focus on their public speaking, mentoring or negotiating skills. There thus exists a real opportunity for you to improve your own soft skills so that you can impress both at the interview stage and in the office.

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Why has Agile won the Battle versus Waterfall?

Adgile vs WaterfallAn online survey of 601 software developers and IT professionals has shown that agile development is now the norm, having achieved significant acceleration over the past 5 years. 67% of companies are now purely agile or leaning towards agile, whilst only 9% of surveyed companies are purely waterfall or leaning towards waterfall. 24% of IT departments use a hybrid approach. But why the surge in agile advocates. Read more →

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Sky Boosts Northern Tech Industry with 400 New Jobs & Apprenticeships in Leeds


Sky has announced that, later this year, it will create 400 highly-skilled jobs in Central Leeds to further boost the Northern digital economy whilst also providing key opportunities for young people. This is in addition to the 15 jobs already advertised in Leeds for roles such as Scrum Master, Senior Developer and Test Engineer.

Sky’s new technology hub, based at Allied London’s Leeds Dock, will concentrate on designing and developing the next generation of apps and websites to lead the growth of new ways of watching content on multiple devices.

As well as experienced tech professionals, graduates and budding apprentices  have reason to be excited: Sky’s successful London-based Software Engineering Academy will  be expanding to Leeds, with an initial 24 graduate places and 8 apprenticeships available. The accelerated hands-on learning programme places successful candidates in either the Developer or DevOps teams, using agile methodologies on projects to ensure that Sky maintains its lead of the industry.

The DevOps teams provide extensive support and deployment to all development, QA and release management teams. Whilst the Developer teams play an important role in developing tech that helps internal operations. The programme has been so successful that the London Academy is now accepting 36 young people each year, who all have the ability to make a real impact from day one.

Sky’s announcement is a further boost to TechNorth; a part of Tech City UK set-up to coordinate and promote digital technology expertise in Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Sheffield and the North East. Just last year, the government announced the goal of doubling tech jobs in the North to create a rival to tech hubs such as Berlin, Shanghai and New York.

Sky is certainly playing its part, as confirmed by Sajid Javid MP, Secretary of State for Business, Skills and Innovation:

“I’m delighted that Sky is furthering its investment in Leeds with the creation of 400 new jobs and a new technology hub. The announcement is a boost to the digital economy of the entire Northern Powerhouse, and will undoubtedly help to cement Leeds as a leading technology cluster.”

Jeremy Darroch, Group Chief Executive of Sky, has also confirmed the importance of this move to the organisation:

“With our investment in Leeds, we’re creating one of the largest digital communities in the UK. We are looking forward to bringing hundreds of new jobs to the city and giving young people the opportunity to build their skills and help shape the digital services of the future.”

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Managing your Manager: Tactics to Win Faster Promotion

mManaging your manager

A recent study of 4,500 workers in Denmark has found that workplace depression and stress is more strongly associated with poor management rather than having a heavy workload. Learning to manage your boss effectively can therefore help increase happiness at work and reduce the stress of the work environment, as well as helping you impress your boss and gain a faster promotion.

We have listed some tips to help you ‘manage up’; forming a better working relationship with your manager who may have a large influence on your aspirations of advancing up the career ladder. Read more →

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Software Engineers Build the Internet of Things

Internet f things

It’s estimated that by 2025, industry and its devices, locations and users, will be connected globally via the internet of things (IoT), and in a way that the data collected can be extrapolated in a meaningful way. But before any of this can happen, software engineers have to manifest all those millions upon millions of connections.

The UK, a leader in the IoT, has fully committed to a development initiative that pledges £40m for funding science and innovation investments in healthcare, social care and Smart Cities and another £100m in what it calls “intelligent mobility” which includes driverless car technology and its integrated telecommunications systems.

While the technology could provide significant job opportunities, a lack of candidates may be the IoT’s biggest obstacle. The dearth could create a boom for skilled software engineers attracted to the idea of an articulated end-to-end ecosystem and who are looking for significant professional challenges.   Read more →

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5 Rising Industries for Tech Professionals


Joining an industry that’s on an upswing can lift your career and income to new heights. So we searched high and low to find five sectors that are poised for substantial growth due to rising demand for solutions and services and an influx of investment funding.

Best of all, no matter what type of work you’re into, there’s something for every tech professional on the list. Read more →

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New Developments & Career Opportunities in Tech Security

New career developments in tech security

A recent report by PwC and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has revealed that 81% of large organisations have experienced some type of security breach during the last year. In addition, reported security breaches around the world rose by 48% to 42.8 million, including high profile organisations such as JP Morgan and Sony Entertainment.

With these statistics in mind, along with the government’s new Cyber Security Strategy aiming to make the UK one of the most secure places in the world to do business, skilled cyber security professionals are in high demand. To effectively combat the threats, IT security pros need to understand the latest security trends and developments within the different tech fields. We have listed a few of the essentials below. Read more →

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Key Tips for Writing a Memorable CV

Tips for a memorable CVOver 90% of resumes are now posted online or sent via e-mail but are you embracing modern tech and the internet to specifically tailor your CV?

These tips will make your tech CV more accurate as well as different from the rest, adding personality and characteristics that are 2015-worthy. The average time spent by recruiters looking at a CV is from 5 to 7 seconds, so use these simple rules to stand out: Read more →

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4 Common Career Paths of a Junior Digital Designer

Career paths for a designer

According to recent research by The Drum Design Consensus 2015, the UK design industry is a growing sector, having expanded by £40 million over the last year. With such timely opportunities for career development, we have looked at some of the top digital design fields and what is needed for a successful job application in each area. Read more →

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Best New Job for a Junior Developer

Best job for a junior developer

Current tech advances and trends are driving demand for developers in new areas of development and creating some exciting opportunities for junior developers looking to make a smart career move. We have listed a few of the best areas for to consider as well as the qualifications needed to apply. Read more →

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