IT support skills: What You Need to Know

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What does it mean to work in IT Support?

Working in IT Support, you’ll be responsible for the setup and everyday maintenance of computers and other technology in a working office or larger organisation. This includes solving people’s problems when devices break down, as well as the general upkeep of technology and their systems. Some technicians work in-house: that is, for a particular organisation in their building.  Other IT technicians however, may work for a company that offers IT support to external clients, meaning you may have to remotely support your clients through phone or perform visits.

So what are some of the other everyday tasks you’ll be doing in an IT Support Job and what skills do you need to accomplish them? Find out below.  Read more →

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Six signs you’re ready to leave permanent employment for a career as an IT contractor

7 Key Habits that Successful People Develop
Testing the waters of contracting when you’re still in permanent employment is a fantastic way to know whether it’s for you. But how do you know when it’s time to take the leap, leave permanent employment and go full time as a contractor?
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Q2 2016 Dice Tech Job Index


Dice have created this Q2 2016 tech job market report in association with IT Jobs Watch* to give you unique insight into the current trends within the tech job market.
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10 ways to mess up your job interview

How to Identify the Best Software Developers
The job interview is a hurdle you must overcome to get your dream Tech job offer. Even with a lot of preparation and rehearsing, it’s easy to make a silly mistake that could hurt your chances.

Here are 10 potential interview mistakes to be aware of…
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Getting Started with Metal


According to one answer on Quora by Paul Ledak when comparing an iPhone 6 to the Apollo Guidance computer, the processing difference is over ten orders of magnitude- an iPhone 6 is 120 million times faster!

But that’s possibly underselling it because the Apple A8 chip in the iPhone 6 also has a GPU (Graphical Processing Unit) that can be used for graphics or also general purpose computing for example creating (mining) Bitcoins. According to Anandtech, this is a PowerVR GX6450 and there are four GPU cores in an iPhone 6.  Read more →

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How a ‘Non-Techie’ can make it in tech!

Get your CV out there

Don’t come from a tech background but still want to work in that sector? We don’t blame you! The rise of digital platforms and apps makes technology an exciting area to work in, and luckily for you, there are more opportunities than ever for someone with little to no tech expertise how to break in to the industry.

Read below for the best insider tips not only on how to get a job in the sector, but how you can potentially succeed and thrive in it.  Read more →

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How to get a job in IT: The Low Down

Grad Jobs

So you want to get into IT? That’s great news! The world of IT is a broad one that offers a variety of jobs at different skill levels, and qualifications.

The problem?

It can be quite confusing to navigate through the different roles available and plan for your potential career. After all, it if you want to break into the industry, you’ll need to know what kind of qualifications and experience you’ll need in order to give yourself the best chance of getting a job!

So whether you’re a fresh graduate, considering a career change, or thinking about going to university; we’ve got the low down on the different types of jobs you can get in IT, as well as the skills and qualifications you need to succeed.  Read more →

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Writing a Faster Poker Hand evaluator


Taking five cards and working out what poker hand it is, is an interesting problem. I’m not the first to attempt it. I have tried once before in C# and once before in C++. This time I want it to do two things. The first is report what it contains (pairs, trips, straight etc) and the second assign a score to it so it can be compared against another hand to see which is best. Two hands might be both evaluated as trips (three the same rank) but three Aces beats three Queens.

The possible hands from the lowest to the highest are listed below. Each card has a rank (from Ace to King but Ace can count as 1 in a straight A2345 but otherwise is higher than a King) and a suit (Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, Spades).  Read more →

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Embrace your IT superhero

IT has been evolving and gaining momentum for decades. At BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, we’ve been there from the beginning, nurturing the talent that now drives our digital world.

BCS sets professional and best practice standards, provides exceptional career progression opportunities, and debates the challenges facing the industry such as personal data, health care and education.
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Interview with Rob Clark, Senior Vice President Epson

Epson Europe is on track to achieve its vision to become a more profitable and ecologically-friendly organisation.

Owned by the Japanese Seiko Epson Corporation, Epson Europe is leading the way in the manufacture of inkjet printers, scanners, projectors, robots and Augmented Reality smart glasses. Epson grew in the printer and projector boom years of the 90s and has successfully made it through an industry-wide consolidation in the 2000s by embracing the latest technological advances to grow and prosper. While many of its competitors haven’t been able to hold on, Epson has created a robust market position by staying true to its long-held values through creating truly innovative products and by listening to the wants and needs of its customers.
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