Computacenter – Digital me

Digital and artificial intelligence will present long term transformation trends both for the workplace environments as well as our private lives. Work content and work practices are set to change beyond all recognition and, in the new service-shaped economy; the employee who embraces this change will be the most significant factor for business success.
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Tech contractors – Warning signs you shouldn’t ignore

Picture the scene – you’ve worked hard for a client in the past, they need the specialist IT skills you posses, you’ve spent time and energy in nurturing the relationship, then out of the blue they drop off the radar….

After doing some digging, it turns out they no longer require your services. So what caused their decision?
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IT Security Horror stories!


IT security jobs are crucial to prevent businesses from potential disaster. But in some cases the bad guys beat the good guys and security breaches happen.

FBI chief James Comedy pointed out in his Inside Counsel article that there are two types of big companies in the U.S:

“Those who’ve been hacked by the Chinese, and those who don’t know they’ve been hacked by the Chinese.”

They happen, so let’s hear about them…


Kmart’s payment mishap

Kmart, the discount retail chain, had a disaster from a ghostly type of malware that went undetected. It occurred in September 2014 but wasn’t caught until a month later in October. It affected store payment systems and lost debit and credit card data as a result of the hack.

The hack still remains a mystery, and it has to be said Kmart could have been worse off. They claim debut and credit card numbers were compromised but no personal information was taken. They issued a full apology, offering free credit monitoring protection and deploying advanced software to prevent further breaches.   Read more →

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Top tips to getting into coding



That’s how Drew Houston, creator of DropBox, describes coding in his video introducing The closest thing to a superpower? How cool is that!?

But-  you’ve either got it or you don’t, right?


Whilst it may seem like some foreign, no alien, like language that’s best kept to the super nerds amongst us it is in fact easier to pick up then you may think. Learning to code – even the basics – will give your career in IT a huge boost and provide a massive advantage.  Read more →

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Starting with the SciPy Library



When you want to write performance code in Python, the first thought is not surpringly to use NumPy. But NumPy is actually one part of SciPy. Confusingly SciPy is the name of the Python-based ecosystem that includes NumPy, SciPy Library, Matplotlib, iPython, Sympy and pandas. In this article I’ll be looking at the SciPy library.

SciPy makes use of NumPy arrays and uses functions from numpy and numpy.lib.scimath. Note the distinction between the name of the library (NumPy, SciPy) but when you import from them, they’re lowercase e.g. numpy, scipy.

What Does the SciPy Library do?

It’s a library for science, mathematics and engineering. Now you may not be into Fourier Transforms, Signal Processing, Optimization, spatial data, and Linear Algebra but there’s possibly something from integration, statistics, multidimensional image processing or IDL/Matlab File IO that might interest you. The SciPy library covers all of these and I’ll look at some of the more useful stuff there.  Read more →

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The State of Go in 2016



Go, aka GoLang will be seven years old this November and already has had quite an impact. Outside of Google, Docker is probably the best known set of tools for deploying containers and it’s powered by Go. Wikipedia lists some of the many high profile users on its Go programming language page.

Go release dates have been roughly six months apart since go 1.2 back at the end of 2013. The most recent one was back in February version 1.6 and the current downloads are for version 1.6.2. I installed the Linux version, which is a modest 81 MB. If you want to build it from sources, they’re only 12 MB. The install instructions are pretty straight forward.

In the previous release (1.5) Go completed the transition from being a mixture of C and Go code to becoming almost 100% Go with just a little bit of assembler. The C compiler is no longer needed. This doesn’t stop you calling C code from Go. You use cgo and your Go code uses commented out code to identify the C header file includes. Going C-less helps the garbage collector. Instead of names like 6g and 8g, these are now go tool compile, go tool link and go tool asm.  Read more →

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Best place for tech grads to work in London


Young and bright? Well, the world is your oyster and what better place to indulge in your youth than in London – and we’re talking both in and out of work.

IT graduate jobs in London are relatively plentiful, but the location can make or break your experience. Here we take a look at some of the best places to work in London to enjoy your youth.

  1. Shoreditch

Vibrant, creative and lively Shoreditch is very popular with grads. We have recently written about Tech City being the hub of all IT jobs in London and Shoreditch falls right in the heart of this zone.  Read more →

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Working for J.P. Morgan

J.P. Morgan’s Glasgow Technology Centre, based in the City’s thriving International Financial District has recently been selected as one of J.P. Morgan’s two Strategic technology Hubs in Europe. Managing Director Stephen Flaherty tells us about what his award-winning team has achieved so far and the career opportunities that their ambitious growth offers.

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Web Developer Salary: How much Could You Earn?


figure out your finances

Web Developer Salary

Web developer jobs are for someone who builds and maintains websites, often working in an agency for a variety of clients, which could range from e-commerce sites to social media to internal intranets for staff. Because of the ever changing world of the internet, working in website development is a very exciting career path, and one which will fit a candidate that is looking for a tech career in a fast paced, modern environment.  Read more →

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The Current State of AI



Artificial Intelligence has been around virtually since programmers started coding in the early 1950s. Alan Turing had proposed the Turing test in 1950 and the following year the first chess and checkers programs appeared. In 1956 AI gained its name and the next 20 years was spent, in the end fruitlessly trying to create an intelligent machine. At this time machines were unable to recognise human faces or understand speech.

However come 1980 the Japanese Government funded the 5th Generation computer project to create a massively parallel computer. Expert systems appeared but then things went quiet and it wasn’t until 1993 that progress started to be made, apparently aided by Moore’s law (Processor speed doubling every 18 months). Advances in AI started to appear.  Read more →

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