It’s Not all About London! Best Places to Work for Tech Pros Outside The Capital

Tech Locations in the UK

We wrote recently about how London is the home of tech jobs, but just because you don’t live in London doesn’t mean that you aren’t near the exciting, innovative tech companies. Outside of London there are a wide variety of different cities where you can live and work in an environment that is going to make a substantial difference to the tech industry.

With the increasing rent prices in London, more and more businesses as well as employees are moving away from the capital, this is only set to increase in the future. Now may be the time to consider moving on to another role outside of London before the competition really heats up.  Read more →

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Tech. Coding. IS. Data. Digital. Music. Celebrate digital culture at the 2016 Leeds Digital Festival and meet the Sky Betting and Gaming team

One of the biggest digital teams in Leeds, we’re proud to be part of the 2016 Leeds Digital Festival. It’s going to be brilliant. All kinds of great talks, events, panels and workshops will take place between Monday 25th and Friday 29th April. There’s something for everyone. And as it’s boom time for the tech scene in Leeds – this is a great place to be right now.

This year the Leeds Digital Festival is also partnering with the Live at Leeds music festival to bring together the best emerging technologies and the hottest musical talent. A line up of top artists will play at a series of venues on the Saturday. So you can let your hair down too.  Read more →

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5 Tips for crafting the perfect contractor CV

Making the move from a permanent role into a contracting career can be hugely beneficial to both your skill set and your income – and it all starts with a strong CV.

Your CV often acts as the initial point of contact with a recruiter, or end-client, and first impressions count – so it’s essential that you’re clued up on the best ways to present your services and secure lucrative new business.

Your CV is your chance to lay down the proverbial gauntlet and persuade recruiters that you are the best and only person for the job – and from the layout to the content, a CV should, above all other things, showcase your talent.

Here, Paul Gough, Managing Director at Intouch Accounting, provides some useful tips on how to craft the perfect CV to take your contracting career to the next level.

1. Highlight your experience

Highlight your experience

The ‘experience’ section of your CV should include a combination of your technical experience and the results you’ve achieved in your career thus far – and should be given a prime spot towards the beginning of your CV. If you’re new to the contracting game, it’s likely that you’re making the transition from permanent contract employment – and if not, you’ll at least have some experience in the industry which should be reflected in your CV.

While permanent employment allows you to draw on a timeline of jobs to inform your experience, contractor CVs should focus less on a chronological list of achievements and instead focus on how individual experiences have improved your services. If you have any high profile or well-known clients in your portfolio, make sure you include them in your CV – as this demonstrates to potential clients that you’re capable of handling projects of this size and status.  Read more →

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From the Experts: Top Tips for Project Management

IT Project Management Top Tips

IT Project Management is one of the most highly desired careers in the IT industry, and in order to become an excellent project manager, you will need more than just IT skills. To be a successful project manager, you will also need to be able to manage a team, juggle different deadlines and prioritise tasks as the project continues.

We have reached out to some experts with vast experience in project management, and asked them for their top tips!  Read more →

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IT Jargon Dictionary: What do you Need to Know for Your Interview?

IT Jargon- What does it mean?

IT Jargon can be really hard to crack, especially if you are just breaking into the industry. We know how tricky this can be, and so we have created a quick list made up of some of the most common words and phrases used by IT and tech professionals in order to help you break into the industry, or when interviewing for your dream role.


Architecture refers to how a computer’s hardware is designed. Computers which have different architecture such as PC’s and Mac’s will not be compatible together, because of the different operating systems used by the machines. When breaking into the IT industry it is important that you have knowledge and experience in both Mac and PC, as you may have to work with both systems in your future career, and it also shows a deeper level of understanding. Read more →

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Rust vs Go – A comparison


Both Rust and Go are fairly recent languages. Go, aka golang was created in 2007 at Google primarily for systems programming, to help solve Google’s problems.  Rust was a personal project of Mozilla employee Graydon Hoare, then sponsored by Mozilla in 2009 and announced a year later. It’s more of a general purpose language than Go. In the rest of this article, I’ll pick out certain features that are common to both and then see how they differ.  Read more →

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Chika Okoli – Network Engineer Internet Hosting Group


I started at RM 3 and a half years ago and am working as a Network Engineer on the service desk in the Internet Hosting Group. This team supports 2,500 school based customers who get their broadband provision, internet filtering & email from RM.

My job is varied and challenging, working in a really good team in a fun & supportive environment with opportunities to test and develop my problem solving skills whilst speaking directly to our customers in schools.
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Staying true to your roots: How to maintain startup-style innovation as you grow


Adventurous, fast paced startup versus stable but staid big business. It’s a truism that as your business grows, your culture and inventiveness stagnates. But is this change inevitable?
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IT Project Manager Salary: How Much Could You Earn?

Salary for an IT Project Manager

An IT project manager is someone who is able to wear many hats, not only ones which show your knowledge and proficiency in IT, but also ones that allow you to run a team effectively. An IT project manager is not only responsible for the delivery of a project but also for the smooth running and management of their team. If you feel that you are interested in a career in IT project management, then have a look below at the salary and job expectations for that career path.  Read more →

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How Experian Is Using Big Data


Here at Experian we use big data to help manage our business. We are probably best known for providing credit reports, scores and protection against identity theft. In addition to this, we also work with businesses globally to help manage their credit risk, prevent fraud and to target marketing offers.
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