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Running C In the Browser

David Bolton,

On the face of it being able to run C (or C++) programs in the browser would appear to be

Delivering UEFA’s Digital Projects

Duncan Cartledge,

From to the Champions League app, what’s it really like to be responsible for delivering some of UEFA’s widest-reaching

BAE Systems Cyber Academy

Dice UK Guest,

Join us now to help protect the connected world Terrorism, identity theft, organised crime. Protecting UK security is a fast

Top Tech Books on Stack Overflow

Dice UK,

Every so often, someone on Stack Overflow will include a link to their favorite programming book. All those links add

Nintendo: Smartphone-Gaming Giant?

Dice UK,

A few months ago, as part of its latest quarterly earnings reveal, Nintendo announced its intention to release a small handful

Gender Balance Drives Profit

Elisabeth Greenbaum Kasson,

A growing body of research corroborates the link between gender balance in the work place and substantial business growth. The

Advanced Features in PostgreSQL

David Bolton,

Now just over 20 years old since its first release in January 1997, PostgreSQL has always been second in popularity


A Tech Career at the Home Office

Dice UK Guest,

Home Office are recruiting in a variety of areas over the coming months.  There will be roles for systems engineers,