Top Tech Books on Stack Overflow

Dice UK,

Every so often, someone on Stack Overflow will include a link to their favorite programming book. All those links add

Advanced Features in PostgreSQL

David Bolton,

Now just over 20 years old since its first release in January 1997, PostgreSQL has always been second in popularity

Programs for Learning Apple Swift

Dice UK,

When it released iOS 10, Apple also officially introduced Swift Playgrounds, an app designed to teach anyone the principles of coding using

What is Flutter?

David Bolton,

It sounds like the name of a betting app but Flutter is a cross-platform mobile development system powered by Google’s

Developing on Linux

David Bolton,

For a large part of my programming career, I’ve been developing on and for Microsoft platforms, first on Dos and

Moving Past Java

David Bolton,

Moving Past Java Now in its 21st Year, Java has had a few rough years. It’s been all but wiped

The Deutsche Bank Hackathon

Duncan Cartledge,

Deutsche Bank and autism research charity Autistica recently joined forces and hosted a 24-hour hackathon in order to develop a