6 Communities for Internet of Things Professionals

Communities of the internet of things

The Internet of Things is rapidly becoming a global reality, with the UK rolling out IoT networks in a number of cities. There are forecast to be 26 billion connected devices by 2020, meaning that there are many opportunities for those working in development, data security and analytics. We have listed some of the groups and organisations that are bringing tech experts together to discuss and that therefore provide opportunities for some real IoT networking.

Internet of Things London

The group was founded in 2011 and holds meet-ups to discuss urban infrastructure, smart grid, open hardware, quantified self, open data, environmental monitoring, smart products, smart homes and more. These involve hearing from speakers who are working to make the IoT a reality in the UK as well as networking opportunities with others in the sector.

The group talks are streamed online via the IoT London website and they also send out a monthly newsletter with events and competitions to over 3,500 members.

Innovate UK Network IoT Special Interest Group

A group that aims to bring together people working on or with technologies designed for the IoT, the IoT SIG produces publications that highlight the challenges and opportunities facing business and research development for its 1,800 members.

The group also hosts events including meet-ups in the UK and Europe, as well as workshops such as the ‘Designing Smart Streets’ course; all of which bring together industry leaders and experts in the field.


TiE is the world’s largest not-for-profit organisation that is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurship. The organisation was established in the Silicon Valley and the UK chapter is one of the largest; founded in 2000 it has a reach of 261,500 people every year.

There are numerous chapters across 14 countries; with special interest groups on the Internet of Things. The aim of the organisation is to provide networking, mentoring and education with a wide range of programs and events featuring high profile speakers.


Web of Things is a community of developers, researchers and designers that was created by the founders of the IoT start-up EVRYTHNG (which produces applications to make everyday products smart by connecting them to the web with a unique ‘Active Digital Identity’ profile).

The online community is a forum for thoughts and ideas on research and work that influences the Web of Things world. The site has three sections; technologies is for coding and developing smart products; the second section is for new and exciting ideas that are emerging from current research; and the third is about end-users and existing products.

Internet of Things Council

The Internet of Things Council is a significant body to mention as it boasts some of the best minds interested in all topics that the IoT covers. As well as their site which covers a vast range of subjects with inputs from its many members, the Council supports many events, including: the RE.WORK Internet of Things Summits; the M2M and Internet of Things Global Summit; and the Open World Forum.

The Council also holds workshops and pioneered the Global Internet of Things Day on April 9th, which aims to encourage all those interested in the field to hold meet-ups and discussions focussed around the IoT and its implications; including data privacy, securities and the technologies used.

openPicus Team

openPicus is an open source project that is an embedded platform for smart sensors and is described as ‘Embedded Processing meets Internet Communication.’ Those that are interested in actively working on community projects within the IoT can join the project, by downloading the source code in order to start to develop applications for their modules. There is also a forum that members of the project can contribute to.

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