Time for a Pay Rise?

If it’s time to discuss your pay, make sure you are well prepped and armed with facts to get the most out of the negotiation.  The same preparation will also help when discussing salary with a new employer.

We have pulled together our best tips to help you avoid mistakes and walk away with more money!

Your personal review

Your boss may be well on top of what you work on, but this is the time to take credit for everything you have contributed to and achieved.

Start with a list, write down all your wins and fails since the last review:

Your wins:
Professional relationships

Next itemise a few fails:

Failed projects
Lack of experience
Previous performance issues

Make sure your wins are the bigger list, but it’s important to have a balance. Have an explanation for all your fails and demonstrate key learnings from each one.

Competitive research

Now you have listed your wins and fails, it’s time to research realistic pay expectations. Look on uk.dice.com for similar roles to yours in other companies to get a feel for the market rate. The key is knowing what you’re worth in broadest possible terms.

Think of a backup plan if money is not a possibility

If you think that money will be no go with your employer? Consider what perks you might want instead of money. For example, if you prize work-life balance, and think that working from home a few days a week is an ideal way to achieve that, you can bring that up during negotiations.

If the negotiations do not go your way… there are plenty of other jobs out there! Search uk.dice.com.

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