Top 5 Mobile App Infographics

Mobile InfographicsResearch in 2014 by app analytics provider, Flurry, found that users spend 2 hours and 42 minutes per day on their mobile device; with mobile app usage making up 86% of that time. The mobile applications market is growing year on year and also providing more demand for developers and new applications. We have listed five of the top mobile app infographics that highlight the latest trends, tools and information for mobile designers and developers.

The State of Mobile in 2015

The State of Mobile in 2015 infographic illustrates the trends in mobile in 2015 with some useful information for developers to keep in mind when creating applications for mobile devices. This includes the minimum type sizes for mobile and tablet formats, user habits for each device and marketing tips. It also highlights some of the growing uses including mobile wallet, video and geo location as areas that will increasingly be incorporated into smartphone applications.

iOS and Android Design Guidelines

Mobile platform developer, Kinvey, has created a ‘cheat sheet’ infographic for designing for iOS and Android, showing the differences that need to be considered when adapting applications for both platforms. Creating an app that follows the platforms’ design guidelines will result in better customer satisfaction and user experience.

The infographic lays out the anatomy of the basic user interface and the common screen dimensions as well as the icon sizes that can be featured on each platform. There is also an illustration of the different touch gestures that developers can work with.

Mobile App Security

With the growth of mobile and applications, mobile security has increasingly become an important part of the development process. According to autosend, the creators of this app security infographic, 78% of the top 100 Android and iOS apps have been hacked and only 5% of popular apps contain professional-grade protection against hacking attacks.

Whilst some developers might not think about the security issues that come with a new mobile application, this infographic is designed to help the ‘developers that just want to get back to coding their app.’ It is a simple guideline that outlines which apps are low risk and which are high, and what developers can do to secure their creation. There are also some useful links to helpful security articles and security software providers.

Top Resources for Mobile App Developers

This infographic of the Top 32 Resources for mobile app developers is a small encyclopaedia of sources of useful information and tools. Not only does it highlight some of the popular development tools, it also features sources where you can find design templates for apps.

There are also popular blogs and forums featured in the infographic which are helpful sources of tips and advice from fellow developers. There are tutorials and books also included for those that are looking to expand their knowledge and skill set.

Top Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools

The top ten tools for cross-platform mobile app development are listed in this infographic. Here, developers can learn some of the most popular development platforms and may find a useful new tool for making the design and development process easier.

One of the tools featured is PhoneGap; this uses the standard development languages that most will be familiar with, such as HTML and JavaScript, and allows developers to work with multiple features including GPS, camera, accelerometer and sounds. Other featured tools support development with a wider variety of coding languages and across multiple mobile platforms.

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