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Lengo is the new way to reach hypertargeted tech audiences on the social sites where they hang out.
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Employer branding is a must

In today’s ultra-competitive market for tech talent, targeted employer branding is critical. But delivering the right messages to the right audiences with the right skills and experience can be tough. Lengo is the most efficient way to use social data for true 1:1 advertising.

Why Lengo

Lengo uses proprietary data from Dice's Open Web social platform and rich resumes to pinpoint qualified tech professionals on Facebook and Twitter.

Unlike typical social advertising, our targeting capabilities go beyond just location and interests. We use work history to target by job title, skill, company and more to provide superior results.

How Lengo works

Goals & Audience

Talk to us about your goals and the tech pros you want to target with Lengo.

Data Selection

We compile a hyper-targeted list and confirm the audience size.

Campaign Management

You provide the campaign assets, and we take it from there.

Test & Optimise

We test and measure performance to optimise for the best results.

Guaranteed Results

You get weekly reports to know when you reach the minimum of 500 interactions.

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“Lengo data enabled us to deliver highly targeted campaigns. The recommended multi-touch target (Email, Facebook, and Twitter) proved successful. The volume and quality of the leads met expectations, generating a number of opportunities for us.”

Sylvain Fambon, Dir. of Product Marketing, Neotys

You're in good company

Leading organisations use Lengo to promote their employer brand.