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Unparalleled access to top tech talent

Broaden your reach

Extract your data from millions of profiles, using our social recruiting tool.

Likely to Switch tech pros

Over 60 signals determine how likely each candidate is to switch roles.

Connect to build your talent pool

Reach responsive, actionable candidates more efficiently via phone, email or social.

  • Simple searches and
    fast filters

    Pinpoint the right candidates with multiple filters, including employment type, work authorisation, security clearance, resume date and more using Talent Search. Have access to 300,000 CVs in the Talent Search database.

  • Predictive and
    time-saving features

    Narrow your search to candidates most Likely-To-Switch jobs. And use our Chrome Extension to display critical candidate info, wherever you source.

  • Aggregate from over
    200+ social channels

    Aggregate from Facebook, Github, Google+, Twitter, Stackoverflow, Dribbble and more.

  • Easy access to CVs

    Access to the tech pros CV. Easy to save, download and share.

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“We struggled filling very technical roles using other platforms. Then we used Dice and filled them in less than 30 days. Lesson learned. Go with Dice.”

Kristen Speer, Managing Partner, AccelSearch

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