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Reaching top tech talent can be difficult and time-consuming. Let our Recruitment Concierge team recruit and screen so you can focus on interviewing and hiring.
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Finding skilled talent in all market conditions

With tech unemployment at an all time low at 2%, finding candidates with the right skills is challenging even for the most savvy recruiters. Dice’s Recruitment Concierge team address the low supply / high demand issue. Our expert recruiters are skilled at uncovering scarce talent and cutting your time-to-hire.

How it works

Dice’s experienced recruiters will use over 5 methods / tools to generate interest in your position. Next, we'll prescreen top talent and send you only the best. All you have to do is, interview and hire.

What you get from our expert team

  • Optimise your

    Using our rich data and advanced analytics, we’ll start by benchmarking your position’s market compensation and talent availability.

  • Customised branding campaigns

    Next, we’ll craft a dynamic job description for your open position and generate interest through job postings, banner ads, emails and more.

  • Extended range of
    recruiting solutions

    Then, we’ll extend your reach by sourcing tech candidates from our CV and social profile databases – Talent Search and Open Web and increase your employer branding with our social tool – Lengo.


  • Pre-qualified, interested candidates

    Finally, we’ll pre-screen and present you qualified, interested candidates within 3-5 business days — so you can focus on interviewing and hiring.

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