13 of the Best Online Career Resources for Job Seekers

best Online Career Rescources for Job SeekersEfficiently planning a job search can be difficult, considering the need to develop a creative CV, ace the interview stages and ultimately choose the right employer. We have listed the top online resources to help you bring out your best:

Big Interview

Big Interview is an online resource whose Co-Founder boasts HR experience across Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and MasterCard International. The site offers online interview tutorials where users can pay for three instalments of industry-specific content. An on-screen interviewer asks the questions and the user records answers to be reviewed at their leisure. As well as the tool for interview prep, the site features a blog full of useful tips to cater for all different interview types.


Big Data and crowdsourcing can now be utilised by job seekers to help find the ideal job; Payscale utilises these technologies so that candidates can discover what equivalent professionals are being paid for the job that they are applying for. Candidates can therefore be informed about a fair salary offer for their new position.

The website requires users to enter their search criteria such as job title, company and location, and then complete a questionnaire including experience and qualifications. Payscale uses its database of 40 million salary profiles to determine the correct salary based on those with the same job in the same city.


JibberJobber is not only an online tool for organising and tracking a job search, but is described as a ‘personal relationship manager’ that allows users to optimise their business relationships throughout the duration of their career. Membership to the site is free and users are able to organise their contacts and keep track of the relationship strength of each one. In addition, applicants can organise information on specific companies that they wish to work for.

SparkHire Blog

SparkHire is a company that provides online interview software used by many companies during their interview processes. Their blog, however, is aimed towards job seekers and features articles and tips from a range of experts on topics including the mobile job search, different career paths, job search tips, CV advice and interview tips.


Recruiters and employers are increasingly researching potential employees based on their online presence, including their social media profiles and online work portfolios. EKnowID is a resource that allows individuals to carry out background checks on themselves so they are aware of how they appear to recruiters. The analysis takes two weeks to carry out but provides the opportunity to optimise the image that potential employers can see.


IngBoo is a useful software application to organise the job search. The software can be used to keep track of a job search on multiple different sites and pool the information so that it can be easily accessed, allowing users to respond quickly.


Resunate is a CV tool that helps candidates to produce a CV that is best tailored to the exact job. Users upload their CV to the tool as well as the job description of the role that they are applying for. The software then scores the CV in the same way that an employer’s applicant tracking system would, feeding back a score out of 10.


This web-based resource is a toolbar that can be downloaded onto Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers (with a Chrome toolbar currently in development). When the user submits an application online, the toolbar detects it and is able to save the information and automatically file it to the 44Score website along with the name of the employer, job title and date that the application was submitted. Job seekers can keep track of each application made through different channels in one place and more easily manage next steps.


Resumup helps job applicants create visual layouts and infographic CVs to enable your passion and skills to stand out. The ‘Career Roadmap’ tool is also a useful resource for organising the current job search and making larger plans towards long term career goals. The tool generates a timeline and career path based on reaching a particular goal, with information on qualifications and skills that need to be gained at each step. It also identifies your contacts that could be of help along the way.

My Interview Simulator

This website provides over 100 mock interview questions organised into categories and topics that are used to simulate mock interviews. The resource also features audio prompts to help users respond to each question and includes text-based tips and example answers so that candidates can thoroughly prepare.

Gild Source

This is an important resource for developers to be aware of because it is used by recruiters to check out code and assess skill and quality. Many developers contribute to open source projects and post their code to sites such as Github, but it is also wise to create a profile with Gild Score. The tool assesses the code and gives each developer a Gild Score; the score makes applicants more visible to recruiters who are searching for the most competent and experienced programmers.


Careerealism has over 78,000 daily subscribers and is regarded as one of the top resources amongst job seekers. The site features new articles every day such as how to optimise social media profiles for a job search.

Career Rocketeer

This blog is written by experts and features information on personal branding and standing out to potential employers. It is also a useful long-term resource, featuring sections on career development, networking and work relationships. This helps candidates keep their long term career goals in mind whilst they winning the most ideal next job.

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