3 Creative Examples of IT CVs

With so many talented people in the world and plenty of them seeking a new job, standing out from the job-seeking crowd is actually a job in itself. If only there was some kind of magic formula to make your job application stand-out. Well, thinking outside the traditional bullet-pointed PDF and adding a creative zing can go a long way. Here are 3 brilliant examples of creative CVs to inspire you!

Video-game-inspired CV

Creative cv's 1

Designer, illustrator, coder and animator Robby Leonardi decided to ditch the traditional boring slip of paper and created something a bit more engaging, way more memorable, and possibly the best CV we’ve ever seen.

His interactive CV delves into a beautifully illustrated world reminiscent of games like Super Mario Bros. In a series of levels, little animated ‘super’ Robby takes prospective employers on a two minute trip through his skills, qualifications, interests and experience. This amazing piece of self publicity not only highlights his out-of-the-box thinking, but it also highlights his animation skills; and even his personality comes straight through.

However, describing it doesn’t really do it justice, so just go and check it out yourself on RLeonardi.com. If you are a talented chap like Robby Leonardi, then put on your creative cap and have a look at our exciting design jobs.

Amazon-themed CV



When Phil Dubost was seeking employment as a Web Product Manager, he decided to feature himself as the product on his “Amaz-ing Resume,” a website which is modeled after an Amazon product page.

“For the past 6 years I’ve put my energy towards growing and enhancing meaningful web products and services. I then went one step further when I created my own web company 2 years ago. What motivated me was the prospective of applying the different sets of professional & technical skills I had learnt so far to build a meaningful web product. APPARTINFO.com is the first local reviews guide on apartments and neighborhoods in France, and it has been a very rewarding adventure so far. I enjoy traveling and working in multicultural environments, as I have in the past in the US, Mexico and France,” his ‘product description’ reads.

The webpage details all the essential elements you expect to find on a traditional CV and it shows his creative approach to being a Web Product Manager. However, Dubost really brings his CV to life with little quirks such as the message to “order soon” as there is “only 1 left in stock” and an original list price of $999,999 which is scratched out, leaving prospective employers to come up with their own offer. The “add to cart” ’ takes you to a contact page for Phil, while “add to wedding registry” takes you to a cheeky message: “not happening”.

The Independent reported that Dubost had received at least 100 emails from potential employers.

“So many awesome companies, projects, entrepreneurs, I’m starting to feel like a spoilt kid with too many toys,” Dubost told the Independent. “And yes, among those, there are indeed a few opportunities that match what I’m looking for and that I’m going to pursue.”

The Infographic CV

Creative cv's 3

Graphic Designers in particular. However, make sure that your message doesn’t get lost in unnecessary fancy fonts and a rainbow of colours.

One brilliant example is Paulo Estriga’s infographic CV. He managed to present his work history in a beautiful way; even winning a bronze award at the Information is Beautiful Awards 2012 in the category Infographic/Infodesign. Do you have creative superpowers like Paulo Estriga? Take a look at our current Graphic Designer Jobs and maybe pop some creative examples on your CV.

Remember, though, whatever format you choose, it’s still your skills and experience that matter most when applying for a job.  It’s a great idea to put in the effort and design work to add creativity, but a great traditional CV will still be better than a mediocre creative one.



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