3 Top Resources for Game Developers

3 rescources for game developers 1

Game engines provide editing tools to minimise the amount of programming knowledge required to create a game. The games created with such software are even recognised by awarding bodies such as the Independent Games Festival. We have listed 3 of the best resources that can be used by beginners, as well as by those who are developing complex games for all platforms.


GameMaker is produced by YoYo games as a game development environment and an engine that allows the creation of games that work across multiple platforms; mobile, tablet and desktop. The resource is ideal for developers getting started in 2D game development.

There are features for non-programmers and a built-in scripting language for those that can code. The software is free, meaning that those just getting started have no financial risk in trying their hand and developing a Windows game to start building their portfolio. GameMaker incorporates tutorials within the product for beginner developers through to more advanced coders.

Some examples of successful games developed with GameMaker include ‘Blazin Aces,’ a game for android and, ‘Spelunky,’ an action game for PC.


Unity was designed as a 3D game development engine. It is more powerful than GameMaker, but is also more difficult to learn and use. The tool can be used to develop for more than fifteen platforms, including mobile, console and desktop; it is now one of the two default software development kits for the Nintendo Wii U.

The Unity site incorporates tutorials, documents, live training and forums to help any developer learn to create. The engine supports integration of many major 3D applications and the latest version of Unity has an animation system that allows users to incorporate character animation.

The engine has been used to build such examples as ‘Bad Piggies,’ the Angry Bird spin-off mobile application, and ‘Wasteland 2,’ a role-playing video game developed for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


Crytek are the producers of CryEngine, aimed at developers creating for PC, Xbox and PlayStation platforms. It is one of the most powerful engines, producing great visuals, with hit games such as ‘Far Cry’ being developed. The aim is to build a game only once for all platforms, rather than multiple versions for each console.

CryEngine handles all elements including sound, animation, visuals and physics in one place. The latest version incorporates features such as displacement mapping and particle effects. A free version is available for non-commercial use so that developers can get to grips with the technology and work on their skills developing for console.

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