5 Useful Tools for Web Developers

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In an ever-evolving world where information reigns supreme, the choices of technology are increasing by the day. When it comes to web development, finding the next Adobe Dream Weaver or new app can significantly make life easier. But with so little time to filter through all of the options, not including the amount of time needed to experiment and judge the application yourself, we have given a shortlist on the best tools to make a Web Developer job easier.


This nifty little tool will quickly allow you to see how fast it takes for your web page to load. It also offers a detailed graphic on things like the resolve time, download time and resolved IP in an extremely quick and easy way. It also shows the details in other countries, which is great for web developers working for internationally focused companies.


This innovative program is a guaranteed time saver. An online tool which has a very easy interface, it lists all popular Java script tags and simply allows you to download and copy the latest version with the click of a button. Simple, effective and a real convenience.

HTML Purifier

Does exactly what it says on the tin. This great tool is a filter library in PHP that will scan and remove all malicious codes (better known as xss). The filter is thoroughly audited with a secure whitelist.


This is a fantastic tool to help make CSS coding a simpler, cleaner and much quicker experience. It is available in all operating systems, making it very popular amongst users. SimpLESS is a LESS tool, which is essentially a preprocessor to CSS. It is a dynamic style sheet that offers a simpler CSS coding variable. With this you can convert your CSS coding into the cleaner version of LESS or you can input LESS coding and the tool will automatically compile it into a CSS file. The tool is very easy to use and the aesthetics make it easy to follow; a great way to save time.


The closest thing you can get to a professional web sketchbook. This great application is a rapid WireFraming tool, which is offered in a desktop version. It allows you to create mock designs for web pages through a very simple interface. Because it is so fast to create these mock designs, more time can be spent coding and act as a great preview for clients.

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