7 of the Best Free Resources for Design & Development Professionals

bright ideaWith tech constantly evolving, it is important for IT Professionals to be aware of the current trends and keep up to date with the most in-demand skills. We have listed some helpful and free resources for staying ahead of the game and expanding your current skill set.

Design Licks

Another resource for web designers, Design Licks features the top 15 sites to provide inspiration and showcases the most popular trends of the moment. Every day, it lists best-in-class websites from around the world chosen by top designers, with a ‘website of the day’ selected for exceptional creativity and usability.


Coursera gives you access to hundreds of courses from universities and organisations worldwide. They are free to access and provide certification once you complete a course; offering video lectures, interactive quizzes and graded assessments on the way.

There are 118 courses on offer in IT and Design, including courses on cloud computing, programming languages and digital design. Coursera is perfect for those who want to update their skills whilst building their CV with qualifications at the same time.

Code Academy

For those who want to learn how to code from scratch or expand on their current language knowledge, Code Academy is an interactive site for learning coding languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby and Javascript. The content is free to access and provides short, online tasks for teaching the basics, and even allows users to practice writing their own code to create websites and other applications.


Java.net is a great site for Java developers to keep up to date with current events in the Java world. They also reference topics and polls on interesting topics for java developers. Headlines are updated nearly every day, making it a great source of current news on one of the most popular programming languages in use today.

Web Designer Depot

Web Designer Depot is a helpful blog featuring articles covering many different topics including code demos, Javascript and HTML, typography, mobile and usability. It is a useful source for keeping up to date with current trends and gaining inspiration for the next project. As well as in-depth articles, the site includes tutorials and features on design, mobile applications and useful tools.


For game developers, Unity is a 3D game development engine that can be used to create games for multiple platforms including desktop, mobile and console. The free version is fully-functioning and includes support for publishing products to the full range of platforms.

Unity is used by independent developers and studios for creating popular games such as the Angry Birds spin-off ‘Bad Piggies’ and the desktop game ‘Wasteland 2.’ The engine supports creation of 3D and 2D content, with game developers also benefiting from the Unity website feauturing tutorials, live training and forums for help with using the package.

Threat Post

Threat Post is the Kapersky Lab security news service; an independent news site that is updated with news and information about IT and business security worldwide. The site provides articles, videos and breaking news as well as expert opinions and features from cybersecurity experts. It’s a great source for staying on top of the latest information in the field with cloud, mobile, web security and malware among the many topics covered.

And if you are looking to grow your skills and knowledge by taking your next career challenge, our site currently lists 5,427 developer jobs, 819 web design jobs and 151 game developer jobs.

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