Duncan Cartledge

Delivering UEFA’s Digital Projects

Duncan Cartledge,

From UEFA.com to the Champions League app, what’s it really like to be responsible for delivering some of UEFA’s widest-reaching

The Deutsche Bank Hackathon

Duncan Cartledge,

Deutsche Bank and autism research charity Autistica recently joined forces and hosted a 24-hour hackathon in order to develop a

Time for a Pay Rise?

Duncan Cartledge,

If it’s time to discuss your pay, make sure you are well prepped and armed with facts to get the

Four Tips to Avoid Getting Sacked

Duncan Cartledge,

  Besides obvious gross misconduct, there are other silly mistakes that can result in you getting sacked. For example: insulting


Tips for older Tech Pros

Duncan Cartledge,

  In recent years, it seems as if tech has evolved into an industry that idolises the young. Despite all