Coursera, University of London Partner for Online Computer Science

Coursera is now offering a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science – and it’s accredited.

In coordination with University of London, Coursera is offering a proper four-year track with 23 modules, just as you’d receive on campus. As you might expect, it also carries the full cost of a university degree: £9,600-17,000, “depending upon geographical location of student.”

Those interested should treat it as a transfer. Unlike a typical Coursera course, the Bachelor’s program has admission requirements. Students in both the United States and UK (as well as other locales) must pass placement examinations and have college credits under their belt.

As Coursera notes, the Bachelor’s program will cover machine learning, data science, artificial intelligence, web development, virtual reality, and game development. It also reminds us it’s open to anyone who qualifies for placement:

The University of London Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree is designed to provide those passionate about computing with instruction in computer science fundamentals. Whether you have high school qualifications or you’re already working in a computer science field, you can earn a valuable degree that will help move your career forward.

The course material ranges from entry-level subjects to specialized topics. If you already have a degree outside of computer science, the curriculum will give you the chance to stay up to date and learn commercial applications of computing practices.

This course arrives at a unique time. Though Coursera is technically a massive open online course (MOOC) provider, it chooses to partner with universities so anyone can take bespoke courses. It’s not unlike Udacity, Treehouse, Big Nerd Ranch or others which offer end-to-end curriculum about a particular topic.

While some programs offer degrees of completion for their curriculum, Coursera and University of London are offering the first accredited degree. This may prove a turning point for online learning. Studies show bootcamp graduates often have trouble finding work, suggesting employers may be examining bullet points on resumes rather than a candidate’s body of work.

A separate study shows those who combine online learning with a degree might find themselves earning more. Coding Dojo, an online learning platform, suggests it has more computer science ‘graduates’ than the University of California San Diego.

Coursera and University of London are at the intersection of convenience and accreditation with this Bachelor’s degree, which might be just what tech pros and employers are seeking.

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