Developers: Enhance your CV with Open Source

Open Source

Contributing to an open source project is a great tool for enhancing your CV and developing skills at the same time.

Volunteering free time to work in the open source community not only helps developers improve their coding skills, but is also a great opportunity to work with some influential developers and companies. Open source projects are even available for those who are less experienced with writing code, as they also provide opportunities for maintaining code and the systems that surround it, or diagnosing bugs.

For those that are contributing to their first open source work, a good choice of project is a software that you already use, as you will already be familiar with what it does. GitHub is a popular and extensive source of potential projects looking for contributors. Microsoft also has a free open source project hosting site called Codeplex. Sourceforge and Google Code are other examples of project hosting sites.

We have listed some of the most popular open source projects to provide some inspiration into the type of work you can lend your skills to. 



Bootstrap was originally developed by Twitter and is one of the most popular projects hosted on GitHub, with stars from over 71,000 users and 574 contributors. It is a front-end framework designed to make web development easier, featuring components for building interfaces with navigation, alerts, dropdowns and other functions.


Docker is one of the most talked about recent open source ventures, having become the second most popular cloud project within 12 months of first being developed. The open platform for building, shipping and running applications is already used by eBay and Spotify.


The blogging platform Ghost is another popular example, having been shortlisted for the Net Awards ‘Open Source Project of the Year.’ The software is designed to help bloggers publish content online more quickly.

Angular JS

Angular JS also features on the Net Awards shortlist, as well as emerging as one of the top 10 permanent skills on the rise. The software extends HTML vocabulary for web applications. Examples of apps built with Angular JS include: the YouTube application for Sony’s PlayStation 3; the Reddit Reader app; the Vevo music and entertainment platform; and trailers for Netflix. There are currently 100+ AngularJS jobs currently listed on our site.


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