Habits of Great Programmers

habits of progammers

Programmers spend a lot of time improving their technical skills. However, to become a great programmer who can write cleaner and smarter code, one needs to develop key habits. In this article, we look at the habits of great programmers that set them apart from the rest so that you can carry out a personal review:

Full Understanding of Customer Requirements

A great programmer will be able to fully understand customer requirements and do a detailed breakdown of technical tasks before commencing a project. This information is essential in giving close to accurate estimates of both time and cost.

Writing Unit Tests and Integration Tests

Unit tests and integration tests are key to successful application development.  Writing unit tests gives the confidence and ability to test in a pre-live environment. Integration tests ensure that all of the touch points for the application are tested.

Being Proactive

A great programmer will demonstrate that he/she has the zeal to take initiatives and improve processes around software development and deployments.

Writing Cleaner, Manageable and Smarter Code

Great programmers always remember that they are not just writing code for machines to understand, but for themselves and the future team who will maintain the code. Code should be self-descriptive.

Learning Something New Every Day

The software development landscape has been changing quite rapidly. Hence it is important to keep skills up-to-date and make your CV more marketable. The best programmers make sure that they learn something new every day.

Using Version Control Systems

Great programmers ensure they establish a full blown branching strategy. This will make it easier for deployment of branches to various environments and effective code maintenance for enhancements or feature changes.

Writing Algorithm before Coding

It is very important to plan and come up with an algorithm before starting to write code for a particular feature. This exposes any possible loopholes in the planned execution and identifies unit testing and integration testing points.

Using Well-Defined Coding Guidelines

Great programmers give the highest importance to code quality. They use well defined coding guidelines and consistent naming conventions.

Code Review by Peers

Getting code reviewed by peers is essential in maintaining code quality and thereby learning from mistakes. This also helps in gaining different viewpoints from programmers in the team.

Don’t Re-Invent the Wheel

Exploring and consuming re-usable components and open source frameworks speeds up development and helps you focus on the critical pieces of functionality. The best programmers look for opportunities to re-use existing libraries and frameworks before writing code from scratch.



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