Everything you need to know about a job in IT security!

Everything you need to know about a job in IT security!

IT security jobs are amongst the most exciting, diverse and cutting edge IT careers out there. You’ll have to stay right on top of the latest tech trends and ensure, as a good guy, you are always staying one step ahead of the bad guys.


Rather than us telling you, we caught up with Gregory, an IT Security engineer, who’s provided his thoughts on what a career in IT security entails.

What does an industry expert have to say about a career in IT security?

What skills do you require to make it in IT Security?

To really make it in this sector you do need to have a strong technical skill set with experience in programing. As Gregory explains “You should learn programming language (C, scripting language, PHP, JAVA), model OSI (network architecture), be able to learn new technologies quickly and be adaptable”

So, unfortunately, it is not a job where you can rely on other skills, such as client communication and good organisation, and there is no hiding from the fact you need that core of IT knowledge.

What are the best aspects about a career in IT security?

As well as the obvious excitement and being at the cutting edge of technology, if you do crack the skills required for a job in IT security, then life in general should become easier for you! As the digital age continues to take grip we are presented with more and more everyday tech issues. Having the knowledge to overcome this will make you the envy of your peers.

Gregory believes this a valuable perk; “The skills help you understand how to bypass or to gain access to applications. It is very valuable for any challenges”.

What sort of jobs are open to those with experience in IT security?

If you have the skills, the tech industry will really open up to you and you will be in a position to be really picky about the direction you would like your career to take. When asked which jobs are open to those with such a skill set, Gregory replied “Everything! Consultancy, Expert, Architect, Analyst, Pen tester”. So, take your pick!

For those who don’t have the skills yet, but are looking to break into the security sector, Gregory has the following advice “It could be a bit difficult, but if you love this job you will learn very quickly and get strong skills”. So persevere, do your homework and build up your knowledge base.

IT security salary

So you’ve heard it’s not an industry you can get away with not having deep knowledge, but the good news is you will be rewarded for your expertise. The median salary for information security jobs is £57,000 a year, with 90% earning more than £37,500 with 10% earning more than £85,000 a year. As you can see, this makes it amongst the most lucrative Tech careers out there.

So does a career in IT security sound like you? If so, check out our latest IT security jobs

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