IT Engineer Salary: How Much Could You Earn?

IT Engineer Salary

An IT Engineer jobs are for someone who flourishes in a technical environment, who codes like others write and can fully develop the backend of a computer system. As an IT expert, you will be proficient in tools such as Pearl, Ruby and Python for scripting and working in UNIX and Lynx based network environments, amongst strong knowledge in many other technical requirements. By becoming a software engineer, you will be put on a career path that leads to some very senior positions. Have a look below in order to see where you engineering career could take you. 

  1. Software Engineer

Salary: £28K-£35K

Experience: Mid-Senior Level

Expectations: A software engineer is someone who works with a programmer to design and create software systems. If you are looking to become a software engineer, you will have experience in working in a technical environment and implicating software, and are able to not just design, but also test and fix any bugs the system may have. Software engineers are often required to have a degree in computer science, or equivalent. 

  1. Senior Software Engineer

Salary: £37K-£44K

Experience: Senior Level

Expectations: You will be extremely technically competent in this role with proven experience of working in depth different types of software, for example you will be proficient in Java Script. Other tech stacks that you will be expected to demonstrate will be AWS, Angular and Ruby or Sinatra. Your technical ability will be of the highest quality, as will your ability to work well within a team, meet strict and conflicting deadlines as well as actively solving problems and using your initiative.

  1. IT Architect

Salary: £45K-£56K

Experience: Senior Level

Expectations: An IT Architect is responsible for the computer system, focusing on its compatibility with other software and systems, making sure it is consistent with your client’s requirements and that the system can be used by those who will actually be working with it. You will be working on the system from the get go, working with the client and designing the system as per their requirements, and will be integral to the main stages of development such as testing, building and the system going live. You will be expected to have an in-depth knowledge of not only complex software and computer systems, but experience in building new ones from scratch.

An IT Engineer is the career path that you should take if you are a technical person, who really enjoys creating software and systems and building them from scratch. An IT Engineer will usually plan their career path quite early, as many companies require a degree in Computer Science as a part of the role’s attributes, and you will need a strong knowledge in the backend of computer systems, coding and scripting. If you feel that these are traits that you embody, or are planning on working towards them then a career in IT Engineering could be right for you.


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