A job is for life, not just for Christmas?

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Complaints filed in when retail firm Mamas and Papas debuted their Christmas range in the summer month of August. As the days and nights get colder; the retail market, in the shops and online, is already gearing up for the season. The early onset of Christmas can be beneficial to the public in more ways than one. 

It seems October is a more acceptable month for the commercial side of the festive day, with more businesses following suit. Announcing 100 sleeps to go, Tesco stocked up the shelves yet this caused outrage on Twitter by customers voicing negative opinions. A spokesperson for the major chain said the aim was to ‘spread the cost of Christmas’. Many companies are focusing on the staffing aspect leading up to December.

Dixons are planning to create 3000 jobs in its technology shops. Mike Jeans, retail director for Matalan, confirmed 4000 jobs would be created this year for Christmas sales, commenting; “We’re looking for individuals who will contribute a little bit of sparkle to our stores during the festive season”

The IT jobs UK market will also benefit a boost in hiring. Christmas means big business for the IT industry and those within IT roles, particularly in retail, including tech support jobs and IT support desk jobs. More and more consumers are choosing to shop online to avoid crowds and traffic. Technology firm Retail Assist commissioned research by OnePoll which reported that 25% of customers expect to exclusively shop online for Christmas.

The Executive Chairman and co-founder of Retail Assist, a services company offering retail only IT solutions, Alan Morris, said: “The retail industry has been gearing up for Christmas for months, but now as we hit ten weeks to go this is an exciting and crucial time for high street and online retailers. This research should be encouraging to retailers as it shows that consumers are comfortable with using the wealth of online options, but also still value the experience of hitting the high street.”

The IT retail giant Amazon released the news this month of 15,000 new staff to be employed in time for Christmas this year.

Director of operations at Amazon.co.uk, Catherine McDermott, explained the firm’s employee strategy; “On our busiest shopping day last Christmas, customers ordered a total of 3.5 million items during one 24-hour period at a rate of 44 items a second. . . During the Christmas season, seasonal associates play a critical role in making sure we meet increased demand from customers. . . And as we continue to expand our UK operations, we expect many hundreds of these temporary associates to move into permanent positions as has been the case in previous years.”

While the public may feel businesses are cashing in on Christmas too early, many people other than just organisations can benefit from this early preparation. New jobs can offer a lifeline to potential workers. With many of the available jobs being temporary, this approach may open the door for many staff to give a good impression and create opportunities for permanent work. The long run up to Christmas provides experience and a chance to excel in a role leading to the next step of a career.

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