Keeping up with the ever-changing IT landscape

Through experience and training, a person’s skills can evolve throughout the course of their IT career. The previous expectation of working in one job for an entire lifetime has long gone. The employee’s interests can change, along with ability, and the ever-changing world of technology continuously offers up new opportunities and systems to learn.

Gartner Inc held a symposium in Florida, US, in mid-October to discuss the changing job role environment in IT. New positions are being created across many businesses to utilise IT expertise effectively, including chief digital officer jobs and chief marketing technologist jobs.

Gartner’s senior vice president of research, Peter Sondergaard, presented the analyst firm’s findings; “[Business leaders] don’t think they can get what they need from existing IT leaders, so new IT leadership roles are being created.”

The skills in demand change continuously as businesses are required to keep up with new technology.  American IT jobs company confirmed the latest in demand roles have dramatically changed from the previous year. These coveted positions include big data which are up 94% over last year, cyber security jobs are up by 59% and customer relationship management jobs are up 45% from the past year.

To ensure a successful enjoyable career, potential applicants could consider combining their IT skills with other interests. IT roles exist across all industries and form an essential part of any business. Firms UK Music and VisitBritain released a report this month labelled ‘Wish You Were Here’ highlighting the benefits of music tourism on the UK economy. The report estimated 24,000 jobs each year were created through music tourism. Direct spending by UK and international tourists accounted for £1.3 billion in the past year, including festival tickets and travel. The music industry is heavily reliant on digital technology and many of the IT jobs in the UK available are in this area.

Jo Dipple, UK Music CEO, commented; ‘It’s clear our music industry is doing a great job for the British economy, encouraging 6.5 million tourists who generated £2.2 billion last year. Music tourism created over 24,000 jobs. Just think what we might achieve with policies that specifically target the music tourist in this country and abroad? Our opportunities are limitless. Consider the record demand for Glastonbury 2014. The love of music is a powerful driver for growth.’

Employees working within the IT industry know better than anyone how quickly the market can evolve. If looking for IT jobs in London, keeping an eye on the trends and skillset will go a long way to ensure a promising career.

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