Must-Attend UK Tech Conferences of Q4 2015

Must-Attend UK Tech Conferences of Q4 2015

A recent networking survey by Editorial Intelligence found that 69.5% of professionals believe that networking is essential for building and managing a career, and 53.3% believe that it helps productivity by bringing fresh ideas and connections into the workplace. Conferences are a great tool for expanding an existing network as well as getting up-to-date on new tech developments by learning from industry experts, so we have put together some of the top tech conferences taking place in the remainder of 2015.

FullStack 2015 (26th -28th October, CodeNode London)

JavaScript, Node, Angular, ES6, Microservices and the Internet of Things (IoT) are the focus of FullStack’s intensive three day conference in 2015. The latest developments in FullStack technologies will be covered by the expert line-up of 63 professionals from the JavaScript, Node and Angular community. The conference will include talks as well as more practical hands-on workshops and demonstrations, with a large number of choices throughout the day allowing attendees to adapt their conference to their own specific fields of interest.

DroidCon 2015 (29th – 30th October, Business Design Centre, London)

Droidcon is Europe’s largest android developer conference where you can find not only expert speakers, but an exhibition of the latest technologies and a diverse representation of the international android community. The programme features 58 experts giving presentations on everything from the Google cloud platform to augmented reality applications. The exhibition will feature the latest products for developers to try out such as the Epson Moverio smart glasses, as well as a dedicated gaming area for game application developers to pick-up some inspiration.

Collaborate Bristol (13th November, Bristol)

Collaborate Bristol is a user experience, artificial intelligence and design conference that has been organised in celebration of World Usability Day 2015 and is hosted in the UK’s largest digital hub outside of London. The conference aims to promote sharing, networking and learning within the digital community. Internationally renowned speakers will be presenting at the conference on practical and theoretical aspects of UX design, animation, information architecture and much more.

Ampersand 2015 (13th November, Brighton)

Ampersand is a one-day event for web designers and type enthusiasts where experts in typeface design, layout, typesetting, performance and optimisation will present their amassed knowledge. Knowledgeable web designers will find the event most useful as the schedule covers topics in real detail. There is also the opportunity to attend a special workshop the day before the conference on ‘responsive web typography’ that focuses on adapting typeface for screens of all shapes and sizes.

Big Data Week (23rd – 28th November, London Training Centre, Paddington, London)

Big Data week is a global event taking place in November, with London hosting the main conference. Big Data players from retail, media, IoT, advertising and gaming will come together for a full week of events in London; whilst Los Angeles, Barcelona, Bangkok and many more cities across the world hold events in parallel to mark the week.

London will be hosting a conference, hackathon, meetups and training events, with 400 participants taking part in a total of over ten events. The conference day will include the choice between a business or tech track to allow attendees easy access to the most relevant aspects of Big Data for their work.

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