New Apple Report Highlights Gender Pay Gap

The discrepancy in pay between men and women is a huge issue in the technology industry, but various companies are working to correct that imbalance. In a new report (PDF) detailing how much its employees in the UK make, Apple claims that it’s done much in this area, although “the mean pay gap in the UK is 5 per cent lower for women and the median pay gap is 2 percent in favour of women.”

Apple’s report also claims that the company’s women employees in the UK “earn the same as their male Apple colleagues when you factor in similar roles, markets and performance.” The company claims its gender gap is due “by the representation of women in our workforce,” i.e., a higher proportion of men in executive roles.

In 2017, Apple claimed that it hired 4 percent more women, and that the number of women leaders under the age of 30 has increased by 12 percent over the past two years. “Our female representation is steadily increasing, and we’re proud of the progress we’re making,” the report added. “For example, 33 per cent of our employees under 30 are women. That’s an increase of 3 percentage points since 2014.”

As with other companies that are attempting to craft a more diverse workforce, Apple has concentrated its efforts on its talent pipeline, with its recruiters focusing on talent from a variety of backgrounds. It has also introduced mentoring programs, as well as “forums” designed to “expand career growth opportunities and provide support to manage work and family.”

Google and other tech giants are similarly attempting to improve their respective talent pipelines, but if the diversity reports of the past few years mean anything, it usually takes quite a bit of time for any company to achieve true pay equality, as well as a diverse mix of employees.

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