A New Year, a new job?

By now the hangover should have started to clear and the Christmas decorations have been put away (or risk bad luck for the rest of the year?). Possibly thoughts of the year ahead are starting to form.

January is the time for New Year’s resolutions and a new job is a popular choice for many people.
The below should provide some helpful hints and tips for how to achieve your goals:

Already working in a job?

Change in role – Major organisations can offer a vast array of different roles in various departments. For example; for employees within Oracle jobs, if their interests have changed, looking for available jobs within the business can help improve skills while enhancing loyalty and experience.

Responsibilities – Being available to take on new tasks will not only provide a new interest for you, but can also demonstrate dependability and team work.

New Technology – IT careers can be particularly affected by the integration of new technology. Keeping one step ahead and informed of technological advancements can help your career. If you hear of new devices or systems coming out, why not put suggestions forward to management for how to help improve business?

Training – Get involved in new training courses or ask to be put forward to attend relevant IT events or seminars. Training is one way to grow within a role and demonstrate to employers the ability to take a step up and to network. Offering to train new starters or other team members can also set your skills apart and place you in a position of leadership and responsibility.

Looking for a new start?

Review your CV – Have there been any changes in the past year or so? Does your personal statement still ring true? Edit hobbies and interests to highlight the person behind the job skills.

Standing out from the crowd – Take a moment to consider how to tailor each application form to suit each role. Consider the many different ways of applying and what can set you apart from others. For example; showing specific knowledge of recent java advances would be valuable when applying for java developer jobs.

Think back over 2013 – Make a note of any new experiences or skills gained over the past year. In an interview or application form; try to use examples which range across years of experience.  Examples can include recent training courses and on the job learning. For those in project manager jobs, recent projects can be more effective to highlight skills than out of date programmes.

Corporate veteran Andy Teach, author of ‘From Graduation to Corporation: The Practical Guide to Climbing the Corporate Ladder One Rung at a Time’ comments on the value of looking towards the new year; “I do believe that it’s fairly common for most people to have career-related New Year’s resolutions because work is such an important part of our daily lives . . . Therefore, it’s in our best interest to try to become better at what we do for a living.”

If step one was to make a New Year’s resolution, then step two is to put it into action.

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