PMO Checklist – The 5 Project Management skills you should have

From company to company, there is no denying that a project management role will vary. The structure of the PMO will depend on the business, tailored based on a number of factors. Many firms are at different stages of implementing a project management office.

Within all organisations, the role depends on those working within project management to have a certain set of skills to make the position truly successful. Five of these skills include:

Communication is a central aspect of project management. It is necessary to be able to convey the status of a project to various levels of people throughout the firm. The job includes managing expectations and ensuring your own expectations of others are understood. Throughout a project, good and bad developments will also need to be communicated to the relevant people. Understanding how and when information should be shared can ensure a project runs smoothly.

Problem Solving
Complete control of all areas within a project is never possible. A project manager must be able to efficiently resolve any issues that do surface, keeping the project on track. This includes appreciating how to handle obstacles and recognising the potential effects on other aspects of the project.

Project management is often multi tasking. The role may be handling more than one project at any time.  Each project will also involve numerous types of information needing to be tracked. Being able to keep on top of all the details within these tasks, no matter how minor, can prevent many unforeseen problems.

This position requires cultivating relationships with a variety of people necessary to the successful completion of a project.  Acknowledging others may have different priorities from your own and working with them to ensure an effective outcome will depend on good leadership and negotiation skills.

People already working in PMO jobs understand the role is constantly evolving. Networking events and visiting collaborative PMO websites can be useful tools to enhance skills by exchanging ideas. Keeping up to date with available software and proven available research can also aid project management.
While project management skills can be transferrable between companies, understanding the function of the business is crucial. Technical knowledge of the products or services used within the firm will help inform decisions concerning delegation, deadlines and priorities.

Utilising these skills within a project management office can play a fundamental part in the success of the business.


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