Pro Blogger Tips to Improve your Online Profile

Many recruiters now look at candidates’ online social profiles as part of the hiring decision; so by creating a blog dedicated to your expertise and sharing it on your social profiles, you are demonstrating both your passion and knowledge in deserving that great new job!

Here are some tips to make your new blog so amazing that you’ll have enough visitors to become an influencer and have an extra special job offer in 2016: 

  1. Find your tribe


It’s very likely that there are already some well-respected blogs that represent your area of knowledge, and thus competing with strong, existing blogs on exactly the same topics may well prove to be an uphill battle. By choosing a more specific topic, you can make yourself stand out from the crowd and help the depth of your knowledge shine. For example, if you are a Front End Developer, why not make a blog focused only on Python? The possibilities are endless.

  1. Entertain


Not every person was born to entertain, but the best tip we can tell you to achieve engagement is to write about something that you are passionate about. Write as if you were writing for yourself but always taking into consideration three basic questions: Who is your target audience? What can you do for them? Why should they care? Sharing some of your secret tips is also a great idea, so don’t be greedy and give away some good current advice.

  1. Create your topics


For some people, this is one of the most difficult parts of blogging, but the simple answer is to know what your users want. By listening to people’s comments, or even asking them directly, you just may get the creative direction that you need. Another great way to find new topics is by looking at popular posts in which bloggers have had a good response, and use tools such as Google Trends to check ideas.

  1. Make it shareable


The main point for writing your blog is to become an influencer in your area, but in most part you depend upon your readers to make your community larger. When your followers share one of your posts, they are helping you achieve this goal. So as you write each post, ask yourself if the content is interesting and unique enough for it to be shared. If it is, make it easy for people to share by always having your social sharing buttons visible, especially at the top and bottom of the article.

  1. Be persistent


Once you have used all of our blogging tips, the final piece of gold dust is to maintain motivation and consistency. A very common mistake for new bloggers is to start a blog and then completely forget about it or think it’s not working. Be persistent; keep your readers updated with new blog entries until you hit the right note. A couple of posts per week is usually the right amount of content keep interested readers engaged to your blog, until they start sharing their favourite articles on their social networks.

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