IT Sales Tips: How to Hone Your Skills

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Working in IT sales is not easy: by definition, your role is inherently two-fold. You are expected to be an IT expert and a successful Marketer. That’s two different sets of skills that you’re working with on a daily basis. You need knowledge of computing and how to be a good salesperson- these are both important parts of the job. We can understand that sometimes, the variety of skills you’re using on can feel like juggling a lot of things at once.

So, in order to make things easy for you, we’ve researched the best tips on the skills that are unique to an IT Salesperson and how you can improve your job.  

Be a Polymath

The most famous Renaissance figures were renowned for being polymaths. This refers to being able to master science and maths, as well as the arts. Think about it: Leonardo da Vinci is famous as an ideal Renaissance Man for both his mechanical inventions AND his paintings.

This is exactly what you must be. As a sales person, you must have the creative marketing skills and a technical understanding of computers in order to sell your products.  This is exactly why it’s not unusual for non-techies, from more creative backgrounds to work in this role. However, be warned…

Your sales knowledge is useless for a job in IT sales if you don’t know how computers work, and vice versa. Essentially, it’s important that you are confident in both your IT knowledge AND marketing skills in order to be a truly successful IT Salesperson.

Work on your Hustle 

When it comes down to the bottom line, your role is to drive sales of your products and services. Having a technical knowledge of your IT products is indeed important, but ultimately, you must use this knowledge to PERSUADE clients they need your products. In order to do this, you must have excellent interpersonal skills: to not only charm your clients, but also have the verbal creativity to sell the qualities of your product as a massive advantage to businesses. In other words, you need hustle.

Work on communication and building relationships 

Connected to the previous point, the best way to be a successful sales person, whether on a b2b or b2c level, is to make genuine, lasting relationships with people. However, once you’ve outreached and made those connections, you need to make sure that it lasts. There’s no point making a sale to a customer then immediately forgetting about them. Ensure that you are checking up on them, not just to sell them another of your products, but out of genuine human concern. This is what will enable to you succeed as a marketer.

Understand the business landscape

Yet another discipline that as an IT Salesperson you must know: you must have an understanding of the business landscape of your target client-base, as this will help you sell to your clients. In terms of your clients: who are the biggest players in their industry? What are the potential gaps or problem areas in their businesses that your product can solve? In order to understand your market, knowing the wider picture of the industry is important to understand how your product fits in with their needs and goals.

Project Management

Yes, a large portion of your role may involve micromanaging, such as cold-calling people and sending out sales emails. But if you have a fairly senior role, or if you work for a large company, these activities will be part of a larger campaign or strategy. Make sure that you are aware of how smaller tasks create a wider strategy, and that you can see the ‘larger picture’. Having this ‘bird’s eye view’ will enable you to make tactical decisions, and be a much more efficient marketer.

In essence, we’ve listed some of the core skills that will help you to be a great IT Salesperson. We know that this is quite a demanding role, but its challenges come with big rewards…which will be far easier to reap if you follow the advice we’ve listed above.



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