Software Developer Salary: How Much Could You Earn?

Software Developer Salary

A software developer has many different levels, and so also features different salary bands. As would be expected, a software developer at entry level will be earning a lot less than a software developer who has been in the role for a decade. The more you learn in the role, and the more skills you learn during your career, will mean you will be rewarded with a higher salary. We have listed three of the main stages in a software developer’s career, what the salaries for the roles are, and what you will be able to achieve at each level.

  1. Entry Level Software Developer

Salary: £22,000-£27,000

Expectations: As this would be a role for someone starting out in their career, the expectations would be limited to the candidate having a demonstrable interest in IT- this could be shown by a degree relating to IT, or another qualification such as a Higher National Diploma. Many employers require that the candidates are keen learners, adaptable and work well in a team. It is at this point in your software development career that you will learn the basics, and start to develop your IT skillset.

  1. Software Developer Manager

Salary: £36,000-£68,000

Expectations: If your career path takes you to the role of software developer manager, you will be very experienced in this field, and would have developed your skillset dramatically since joining the industry at entry level. Software development managers will have an expert knowledge in different types of software, such as Java and will also have a demonstrable knowledge of CMS, HTML and CSS to name but a few. As this is a management role, the ability to lead a team, delegate tasks and ensure that you are able to get the best out of employees as well as keeping a team happy is very important for this role. Your previous experience in software development will mean that you will know a lot about working on projects and will be able to easily transition into a new role.

  1. Director of Software Development

Salary: £80,000-£90,000

Expectations: This is one of the highest levels within software development, and when you are at this point in your career you will be considered an expert in software development and would have had an integral role in a wide range of different projects. Your experience will most likely include working with cloud based projects, and managing strategic projects. You will have an outstanding knowledge in a wide range of different types of software as well as being aware of where the industry is going, and what this will mean for your company and their projects.


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The software developer’s career is one that could take you on many different paths, these three examples just show one type of journey you could go on. Software development is not limited to one industry, you could be an expert in E commerce, banking, or mobile based software. Software development is open to anyone with a demonstrable knowledge of IT, and is interested in working in the ever changing world of IT and tech. As IT and tech moves very fast you will be constantly learning and developing throughout your career, meaning you will be given many opportunities to grow and progress during your time in the profession.

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