IT support skills: What You Need to Know

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What does it mean to work in IT Support?

Working in IT Support, you’ll be responsible for the setup and everyday maintenance of computers and other technology in a working office or larger organisation. This includes solving people’s problems when devices break down, as well as the general upkeep of technology and their systems. Some technicians work in-house: that is, for a particular organisation in their building.  Other IT technicians however, may work for a company that offers IT support to external clients, meaning you may have to remotely support your clients through phone or perform visits.

So what are some of the other everyday tasks you’ll be doing in an IT Support Job and what skills do you need to accomplish them? Find out below. 

An in-depth understanding of IT technology

Having a comprehensive understanding of how technology works is the quintessential skill who are being hired for as an IT Technician. Checking over the office appliances and ensuring they are all working smoothly will most likely make up the majority of your duties so make sure you are demonstrating evidence of your competence with technology in your CV.

However, you don’t have to know EVERYTHING about technology. For instance, you probably won’t need a deep understanding of HTML but you will need an overall understanding of how the hardware and the main operating systems (Mac and Windows) works in order to perform maintenance checks and fix any problems.

Speaking of technology failures…

Problem solving skills

As mentioned before, quite an important aspect of your role is to assist fixing broken computers and other technology. In order to identify and suggest solutions, you’ll need some pretty good problem-solving skills to go hand-in-hand with your knowledge of computers. When your co-workers approach you with a problem, you need to be able to think on your feet to identify its cause and suggest possible solutions.

Be methodical and systematic

Working in IT support, you may be working either for one organisation, or multiple ones. Either way, you have to ensure all the technology you are responsible for are kept in optimal working condition: and this involves ensuring software licences are kept up to date, updating the programmes with the latest available version, and maintaining stock of resources such as printing paper.

In order to do this, you have to be organised and keep systematic records of when things need doing: such as, for instance, when licenses need renewing.

Interpersonal skills

You need to able to work with people and be able to talk through any potential technological failures, often to people with little or no IT understanding. This means that you need to have communicative and interpersonal skills in order to patiently and politely communicate the problem, and how to solve it.

Your people-skills are doubly as important if you are working for an IT company with remote clients: as most of the time you will only have contact through the phone, meaning you need to clearly talk through and explain through what is broken and how it may be potentially fixed. Remember, they are your clients, so it is important that you have a polite and approachable telephone manner.

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