Tips for Gaining Your Next Developer Interview

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There are a number of tactics that a web developer in search of a new job can utilise in order to make themselves stand out to potential employers; from improving your portfolio to developing the perfect CV.

We have listed 3 tips to help increase your chances of landing your next interview:

Update Your CV on LinkedIn

Creating a profile on LinkedIn gives potential employers the opportunity to discover the specifics of what you have experienced in previous roles. LinkedIn can format CVs that are uploaded and also tells potential employers if you have any mutual professional connections to boost credibility.

With The IT Job Board’s CV anywhere, any changes you make to your CV on LinkedIn are automatically updated. Furthermore, you can edit it from your smartphone so that it’s ready each time you want to make a new job application.

Make Your Code Publicly Available

Employers will be impressed if you have created content in your own time for your own interest and to improve your skills.

This means that you should host your code on social collaboration platforms for potential employers to explore. GitHub, CodePlex and BitBucket are examples; with GitHub hosting anything from small snippets of code to full web applications.

Contributing to open source projects is another way of getting some of your own work out there. There are many advantages; you can collaborate with great developers and therefore build a strong professional network, whilst open source projects often give you the chance to contribute to more innovative software on projects of your choice.

You can find open source projects by looking at the software that you use every day; it can be a good place to start as you will be building something that you are going to use regularly. Alternatively you can browse through the projects on GitHub, Google Code or Source Forge and choose a project that interests you and will keep you motivated.

Create Your Own Website

Some employers won’t make a hire if they cannot find an applicant online; a personal website will increase your visibility. Even having a twitter account that shows your active interest and contribution to the development community will act in your favour. A website or blog can also showcase your skills, and writing your own blog engine means you can deploy it on GitHub to add to your portfolio.

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