Top 5 Tools for Game Developers

tools for developersSmartphones and tablets are the most popular devices for gamers. Game developers currently develop and publish games to popular app stores such as the iOS App Store and the Android Play Store, whilst taking advantage of a number of tools in the market that help accelerate the development process. In this article, we look at the top game development tools that help developers increase their productivity.


Unity is a one-stop shop for all game development needs. It is a powerful and flexible development platform for creating cross-platform 2D and 3D games. It offers a full end-end platform for individuals and small businesses to create interactive high-end games that allow them to interact with loyal gamers and customers. As a game developer, it is very important to build up a group of users who enjoy the games and give constant feedback; this platform offers this engagement as part of its built-in features.

Unity also offers an asset store where developers can purchase extensions, plugins and models to speed up game development. It provides a one-click deployment solution to multiple app platforms such as iOS App Store, Android Play Store, Windows Store and lots more.

Corona SDK

Corona SDK is one of the powerful 2D game development platforms that allow developers to build mobile game apps faster. It has its own language called Lua that is easy to learn for newbies to the gaming development world. Corona offers an extensive library of APIs ranging from animation to networking features that allow developers to easily add complex features. Deployment features within Corona also help to increase the turnaround time for new iterations, thereby improving gaming app quality.


Upsight is an analytics and marketing suite that offers access to acquisition, engagement and revenue metrics for game developers. It allows developers to gather data around player behaviour and make better decisions. It has powerful data querying features that can unlock user insights and a custom dashboard for easy data exploration. By connecting user insights, targeted mobile marketing campaigns can be built to also increase monetisation.


Marmalade is one of the leading cross-platform solutions for game developers. It offers a comprehensive SDK (software development kit) and best-in-class features. Coding can be done either in C++ or Lua programming language. Developers can author once and deploy the same code to various platforms such as iOS, Android or Windows. It helps to manage players for retention and revenue throughout the game’s lifecycle.


Haxe is an open-source cross-platform toolkit for developing games. The key advantage with Haxe is the ability to build games targeting all mainstream platforms natively. It has its own language called the Haxe language, which is strictly typed and an easier learning path. The compiler produces cross-platform native code that can run on multiple gaming app platforms.

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