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That’s how Drew Houston, creator of DropBox, describes coding in his video introducing The closest thing to a superpower? How cool is that!?

But-  you’ve either got it or you don’t, right?


Whilst it may seem like some foreign, no alien, like language that’s best kept to the super nerds amongst us it is in fact easier to pick up then you may think. Learning to code – even the basics – will give your career in IT a huge boost and provide a massive advantage. 



Even if you aren’t planning on taking on a super techy role, knowing the basics will be a great string to your bow and will make your life so much more efficient. From Excel shortcuts to building your own time saving tools, it really is a powerful skill.

Whilst this article won’t provide you with any hard tactics about how to code, it will offer some tips on how kick-start that journey.

Don’t be scared

If I was to bet the core reason why many people can’t code, it’s because they think they won’t be able. Why bother? I’m just to the coding type of guy.

Fair enough.

But if you don’t give it a go how do you know this? Coding is in fact very logical and a big misconception is you need to be a maths genius to crack it. This is not the case, consider it more of a problem solving challenge.

Turn it into game – you V’s your laptop. All the answers are there, but can you find them?

Use Resources

By resources I mean Google. Every single coder out there, and especially beginners, will resort to Google to crack an issue, learn a new line of coding or remind themselves of something they’ve leaned 30 seconds earlier!

It’s the way to do it.

Barkley’s Coding Playground

An absolute game changer in the coding world Barkley’s Coding Playground has turned coding from exclusively Mark Zuckerberg lookalikes to the mainstream.

Originally set up for kids, it has in fact been the adults who have indulged in its offering. Without doubt the best beginner’s platform out there and a whole load of fun too.

Learn by doing

Let’s be honest, reading about coding is not much fun – apart from this article, of course. Simply the only way to really get to grips with it is by doing.

Barkley’s Coding Playground is a great starting area and an excellent platform to get to grips with the basics.

Aside from this, just open up a Windows Note Pad, open up a browser Google “How to Code” and away you go. Yes, at first it may all look like double Dutch – but the satisfaction you’ll get from completing your first line will spur you on.

Learn together

Chances are you have a mate who can code. Or someone in the office, of even a friend of a friend. Buddy up with them and have a bit of a coding session together. Sound a bit dorky for you? Grab a few bottles of beer if that helps!

Working together is perhaps the quickest way to success. It is win win – they’ll have the chance to cement their knowledge by teaching, and you’ll be able to soak in all their knowledge like a big sponge.

An hour or two every so often will really accelerate your learning. They can introduce you to new tools, new techniques and new learning resources. It may not be as fun as the pub, but you’ll find your tech career takes a turn for the better.

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