Turning Brexit Uncertainty into Career Success

Despite the rising demand for talent and record levels of investment in Europe’s technology sector, many tech pros would rather take a “wait and see” approach to the prospect of a post-Brexit economy. The problem, of course, is that you can’t avoid the impact of Brexit; you need to become proactive.

“Burying your head in the sand won’t work,” noted Gabriella Goddard, CEO of Brainsparker and author of “Gulp.” “Eventually, the market is going to change and affect everyone. You can either embrace a growth mindset or get left behind.”

Learn how to overcome your fear of the unknown and seize the career opportunities that Brexit offers.

Prepare to Engage

While it is impossible to completely eliminate fear, it can be managed. How can you do that? Take inspiration from the quote by W. Clement Stone: “Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will.”

Start with small steps, advised Sarah Archer, career coach and founder of Career Tree. Go over the career goals that you’d like to accomplish in the next three to five years; update your CV, code samples and social-media profiles; get back in touch with your network; and ease your concerns over potential job losses (or other calamities) by setting a little money aside.

Reviewing your achievements will boost your confidence and encourage you to increase your knowledge and technical skills. Best of all, identifying your objectives will return a sense of control, no matter what the international situation. Having clear goals can help you recognize prime opportunities in the market.

Replace Rumors with Facts

People who successfully deal with uncertainty recognize that information is power. “Don’t listen to the so-called experts who are preaching doom and gloom,” Archer advised. “If you expect the worst, you’ll probably be closed-minded and fail to recognize terrific opportunities.”

Through research, you can discover the true reality of the market and gain some perspective. For instance, certain industries stand to benefit from Brexit (and they are actively hiring). And Brexit isn’t likely to halt the rise of disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning, blockchain or drones; those areas represent opportunities to get ahead of the curve.

Nonetheless, you should take some precautions before you leap to a new job or promising startup. Do your due diligence and perform “what if” scenarios to better understand the impact of each career move, Goddard advised. This analysis will help you prepare a response to the worst-case scenario and feel more in control.

Understanding a prospective employer’s post-Brexit strategy and chances of survival can change what seems like a daring move into a calculated risk.

Focus on What You Can Control

Attempting to control the uncontrollable leads to stress. However, you can always control yourself. For example, you can decide which skills to learn in your spare time, and influence your professional brand. You can choose when to grow your professional network. By working on such things, you can gradually influence your career success (while not losing sleep over those things out of your hands).

Open Yourself to New Opportunities

It never hurts to go window-shopping. The truth is that new and exciting career opportunities are always within your reach, no matter what’s going on in the world. It’s a matter of staying open to whatever comes along.

Successful people approach problems or challenges in a different way, Goddard explained. They remain agile, flexible and grounded and view change as an opportunity to learn and grow.

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