Web Developer Salary: How much Could You Earn?


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Web Developer Salary

Web developer jobs are for someone who builds and maintains websites, often working in an agency for a variety of clients, which could range from e-commerce sites to social media to internal intranets for staff. Because of the ever changing world of the internet, working in website development is a very exciting career path, and one which will fit a candidate that is looking for a tech career in a fast paced, modern environment. 

  1. Website Developer

Salary: £20,000-£24,000

Experience: Graduate

Expectations: As a website developer you will be at the beginning of your career, probably graduated from university or are being trained by your company. In your role, you will be working within a team that are responsible for the build, maintenance, trouble shooting and development of a client’s new website. You will also work with a website designer on the look of the website, so as well as being a technical problem solver you will also be someone with a creative vision.

  1. Programmer

Salary: £25,000-£30,000

Experience: Experienced, non-manager

Expectations: A programmer will be someone who is not only very technically able, but someone who genuinely enjoys solving problems. Often working on a project by project basis, you will be part of a team consisting of analysts and management who you will work with to solve issues within the computer system. The skills that you would have built up from your time as a website developer will be of great help in this role, where you can build on your already strong website knowledge.

  1. Lead Software Engineer

Salary: £35,000-£45,000

Experience: Manager

Expectations: You will be the head of the programming team, therefore in this position you will be required to be not only someone who is deadline focused, diligent and who has logical thinking but also someone who is able to lead a successful team, keeping them on track on task in not only the project they are working on but also regarding their own careers.

The role of a web developer is an interesting one, as you do start out in quite an entry level position, but the role does have the capacity to develop into a really exciting IT career that will take you onto senior positions and allow you to work on very exciting projects for a range of different clients.

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