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smg-bannerThe world’s largest producer of transistor technology
Intel is the world’s largest and most successful producer of transistor technology in the world, but if you think PC technology is all Intel does, think again. We are innovators that are seeking to develop solutions to a broad spectrum of problems faced by all kinds of organizations the world over. Though we are in the best position to answer the needs of the rapidly evolving technology world, in order to do so we need sales professionals like you to deliver our comprehensive, end-to-end solutions to where our customers need them most.

Intel’s Sales and Marketing Group
Working for Intel’s Sales and Marketing Group (SMG) in Europe means shaping the way customers view the possibilities of technology. We don’t just sell products, we enable the transformation of organisations to meet the demands of today’s high speed technical world. Our sales professionals must be motivated to connect with our customers and gain a full understanding of the most basic problems that these organizations face on a daily basis. Armed with that level of business savvy, our technical sales professionals can connect to one of the broadest portfolios of technical solutions offered by any company in the world in order to find the solution that will truly impact our customer’s way of operating.

Whether you are serving multi-billion dollar companies, sharp up-and-comers, or governmental agencies, Intel seeks to use technology to provide smart solutions that can revolutionize the way the world operates.

Working at Intel
In addition to the scope of the position, you will be joining an organization vested in providing an environment that is diverse, meaningful, and empowering. We believe that true innovation can only happen when people of many backgrounds can share their ideas equally at the table, and so we strive to represent the world we serve. We also understand that your talent is most productive when it is applied to the project which ignites your passion. That is why we enable our employees to experience multiple possible careers and work on a variety of projects, even if they may not be directly related to one another, to find that project that you will be able to invest yourself into. Finally we understand that work isn’t the only priority in your life, and our flexible work programs and generous family benefits stand to make sure your job doesn’t stop your life.

“There’s not a single company in the world that has such a progressive, thought provoking, and global view of ‘what’s going on.’ Combine this with the fact that we are literally inventing the “digital fabric” for the next generation, and you can see how we can help our customers in ways that others cannot. On our team, talented people know they can make a lasting difference to the societies we’re in and the businesses we’re part of.” Andrew Moore – Program Manager

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